Holidays Hooray!

Yes school holidays have come around again. I don't know if time feels like it's flying so fast for the kids at school, but from a parent's perspective? Haven't we just had holidays? Is this year really almost gone?

We've taken off for the holidays - literally in a plane (thanks to soon-to-expire frequent flier points) to a (hopefully) warmer climate.
I've packed in optimistic mode and only put one zip up jumper top in the bag (for each child) and am hoping that it's all we'll need if the nights get a tad chilly. Other than that we're counting on fun in the sun and lots of lazing around in tee-shirts and shorts.

Got a bit of a shock when I pulled out all the kids summer gear, in preparation for packing, and realised that half the stuff was too small. Why has everyone grown in the last six months? Why? Why?
Fortunately I had bought a few new things in the end-of-season sales last summer (when there wasn't really a summer, remember?) so that should see us through.

Fave outfits:
See the sale section at

and I'd love these for Arch - he's not quite two yet - and I think I could get away with it!


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