The Wa-Wa Song

Today I watched Ellie join in with her infants classmates at school assembly and sing the Wa-Wa Song - know it? It's from a Kid's Praise Musical - which I performed with my whole school (only about 30 kids) way back when... I've bought most of the old school musicals I did as a kid on CD for my kids. I figure if I can still recite every word from every song (which I can) then that is worth passing on to the next generation..

Love the way with your kids you can get a glimpse of the full circle - of them enjoying what you once enjoyed and are now enjoying again...

Meanwhile, Jesse had his final day of a soccer skills workshop he's been doing after school this term. It's our first foray into organised sport. Unsurprisingly he loved it (doh).

Enjoying the game from close up. Where is that child's Mum?

I enjoyed watching the others watch the game as much (maybe more, ahem) than I enjoyed actually watching the game. And yes, Arch did fall over the inflatable side line a number of times..

so relaxing to just lie back there..
Speaking of enjoying things from long ago (the Wa-Wa Song, not soccer so much) - I embraced my 80's tragic side and went to a Howard Jones concert last week. One of my best friends from high school and beyond, Miriam, came with me to celebrate her birthday.

We had a fantastic time. Must admit the audience (approaching middle-aged) and the venue (a suburban RSL Club) was pretty staid - felt a bit sorry for Howard as he's played Wembley Stadium in the past (he sang at Live Aid!), and this was not quite in the same league. We did our best at dancing the night away, and feelings of exhaustion in the second half were understandable, it being a school night and all.

Hardly what you'd describe as a mosh pit, I know. My dancing moves are limited, but I told myself that I would try to be uninhibited (not easy for a Baptist girl I'm telling you) as at least I would never see the audience (who were sitting right behind me) again. So of course a Mum comes up to me in assembly this morning and says, was that you I saw bopping last Thursday night? Sigh.

Am hoping Howard found enough good things about Sydney (our weather for one) to keep him coming back to tour from the UK. And please don't send me any comments saying "Who is Howard Jones?". Google him people. His songs were many and fabulous. He is a musical genius and sounds as good today as he ever did.

The day after the concert Mim and I went shopping and downed coffee and cakes like there was no tomorrow. Arch had fun, especially on these lovely steps (which had a sign above them saying "Please Stay Off the Steps").

N o s t a l g i a   R u l e s !


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