A Blooming Surprise

In a recent post entitled Blossom Envy, I bemoaned our crab apple blossom tree that had done nothing all year. No growth had been evident in the twelve months since we'd planted it, and my high hopes towards the end of winter and the stirrings of spring for glorious multi-coloured blossoms had been sadly dashed. I'd resigned myself to taking pleasure in the blossoms of other people's trees... Until:

It's a late bloomer! The kids discovered it first, and once we got over our initial shock we were thrilled to see so many blooms on what had appeared to be gnarled and dormant sticks.

Without trying to be too profound, I think I'll just say that there is obviously a lesson in this for all of us (or namely, for me).

I've started a pin board on PINTEREST that I'm rather enjoying. It's called: Craft Even I Could Do. I'm not a crafter - I can't even sew and I'm too scared to use a glue gun. But if I was to do something crafty..

..these tissue pom poms would be it. I've noticed them around, in some lovely home ware stores and at some afternoon tea fairy parties. Apparently they're quite easy to make. Ha! Did I tell you about the time I tried to learn off YouTube how to start french knitting? Eleanore, my seven-year-old, eventually gave up in disgust. "We'll just wait till Grandma can do it!" she exclaimed, to my immense relief.

Anyway, I've found that you can buy these tissue pom poms (just in case your crafting doesn't come off..). Aren't they lovely!?


And here's a picture of the newly painted green walls in my room. It sets off other lovely objects beautifully, especially if they're pink. Green and pink is one of my favourite combinations.
The vase was $20 on sale from Blue Illusion. Yet another store channelling all things french.
My hydrangea tower looks beautiful against the rich background.

Hope you are enjoying the start of spring..


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