A Christmas Birthday Party

 Christmas has had a bad wrap concerning birthdays for too long! In my family this is mainly because my brother, having the misfortune to be born on the 28th December, has a lifetime of non-existant parties (except for a weird one held mid-year when he was about 8) and forgotten celebrations to draw on (we're sorry Nate, really we are!). Christmas IS about a birthday after all, so I decided that I wasn't going to let the fact that Arch was born on the 19th December be a downer. Surely I could successfully meld the two wonderful celebrations into ONE event, and make double the fun, couldn't I?
I had the perfect invitation:

and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss, these are what traditions are made of after all! I had visions of a pool party (not quite in keeping with the wintery theme of the card) however, as the weather turned increasingly wintery and the guest list hit 25 (that was just the kids) I ditched the swimming idea and replaced it with a far more christmassy birth day idea - A nativity play!

I was a tiny bit pushy and asked if each family could bring costumes for the play and a plate of food. I think this was okay, though can I say at this point that returning from holidays the day BEFORE your party is a DUMB idea - unless you want insomnia and regular panic attacks about all the things you need to do but can't...

It was a great success! The rain held off for all the important bits, the treasure hunt, eating and the nativity play and the house wasn't even slightly trashed in the inbetween bits. My friends brought wonderful food and gave fabulous help in crowd control and catering. Half way through I could honestly say I was enjoying myself, the birthday boy was happy (just not in the photos) and the festive cheer was contagious!

With great costumes, a decrepit cubby house that needed no imagination to stand in as the inn, eager kids and Eleanore determinedly narrating from the kid's Bible, it was wonderful. I think we all realised what a blessing these children are and how precious it is to share the Christmas story with them. 
Any angst in the lead up has been blissfully forgotten and I'm already thinking of ideas for next year's event. Only one thing yet to be determined could be the date. I wonder if Arch would mind celebrating his Christmas birthday party in July?

Archie is ONE!

The Christmas Angels
Mary, Joseph and King Herod (historical accuracy not great here..)

The Inn Keeper pointing out the benefits of his stable

We ended up with two Marys - both beautiful!

Wise Persons delivering gifts

The Troupe

And the Party Bag (love it!)


  1. Hi Sarah!
    I stumbled on to your blog via 168 hours, and have been hooked ever since. I just have a little, somewhat trivial question - where did you get Archie's little red shoes? I have been looking for some soft leather shoes for my chubby little boys feet... Thanks for sharing your life, and posting about it! Kind regards, Miriam.

  2. Hi Miriam, Thanks for your comments. I never find a question about shoes trivial! I am pleased to be able to tell you they are Baby Paws Red leather soft shoes - mary jane style (unisex - don't let anyone tell you different!) - if you haven't tried this brand before they are wonderful - handmade in tasmania I think. Sold in Myer and Shoes & Sox, but this pair I found on ebay for a fraction of retail. Thanks for noticing (i hope i haven't scared you with too many details) :-)

  3. Wow - thank you!! The more information the better!! :) Will have to have a scout around.
    And I agree - they are unisex for sure!


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