Festive Farewells (and tears..)

Well we're really in the thick of it now. The year's activities are winding up, we're celebrating lots of endings: end of preschool, end of playgroup, end of school, end of tantrums...oh, no, actually some things just seem to go on and on..

Are your kids overwrought this time of year or is it just mine (please don't let it just be mine!)? I've been slightly surprised (and a little bit pleased) to discover in conversations that lots of families seem to be experiencing the 'over it' feeling that seems to come with this busy BUSY BUSY time of year. So yah it's not just my kids who seem to be losing the plot. Yes it's great to have the chance to party hard, with more Christmas chaos festivities to come. But man, I do have to keep reminding myself that it's been a BIG year, and that with celebrating and winding down, comes the range of emotions that kids aren't that great at controlling. So I'll endeavour to keep perspective when someone is screaming the house down, because "she made an angry face at me" or "he won't share the textas". I'll also try not to cram so much into every freaking day that no one has time to just chill. That way we might all get to stop and smell the pinecones...

Arch enjoying his new independence at final Playgroup day

Mim's final day at Preschool

Final Playgroup - and farewell to the wonderful Karen


  1. No, not just you. It's happening here too. Frequently, now we're on school holidays... for 6 whole weeks!

  2. "she made an angry face at me"
    I shouldn't laugh, I remember getting aggro at my sister for doing that, too.

  3. Entirely without justification too, or so I heard..


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