Celebration Overload

Yes! I entered the vortex of rampant Christmas eating celebrating, with some trepidation...but have come out the other side, fatter relieved and victorious! The kids are verging on overwrought, due to so many days now of early mornings, late nights, and gift gorging. We tried to reign it in (ha ha) but somewhere along the way it always seems to get slightly out of hand. But overall I can honestly say that we've enjoyed all the extended family time, fabulous food and frenetic activity. Highlights were singing carols at church, laughing at corny jokes from crackers (Q. What do ghosts eat? A. Ghoulash), flouncing around in fancy clothes (okay, that was mainly just me), building amazing things from lego (okay, that was totally not me), eating mince pies, watching Arch crawl around while unknowingly wearing glowing reindeer antlers, laughing at the kids antics...

My favourite gift for Arch - the FP Little People Nativity Set

We loved the Huggies Xmas Nappies and star singlets (this one $3 at Cotton On) were practically a uniform!

The girls decorated gingerbread
My Mother-in-law's beautiful ham

Jonathan and I prepared our standard dessert fare (above right), which works so well at Christmas time. It's a layered thing, part trifle, part sundae, part tiramisu. We use a range of lovely glasses to serve it in. We crumbled mince pies on the base and from there we layered frozen berries (raspberries and blueberries), vanilla icecream, meringue, peanut brittle, coffee flavoured cream and shaved chocolate on top. Amazingly yummy!
We're all looking forward to Eleanore cooking Italian dishes for us this coming year. She's keen and this cook book should provide great directions.
Due to the unpredictable weather, we ditched our plans for the BBQ/seafood options and went more traditional. Ham and turkey with gorgeous side salads were all prepared in advance, and even the cooks got to relax and enjoy it!
Gifts consisted of lego, yoyos, swatch watches, books and more books. We also embraced zhu zhus (fake guinea pigs for those unlucky enough to miss out on them this year.. don't worry, your turn will come).

And when all the presents are finally opened, and the wrapping paper has been recycled (we hope), and the last of the ham has been eaten (should happen by early Feb) we will hopefully look back on the Christmas chaos of 2011 and remember that:
  1. Jesus was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago, bringing light to the world, and for that we thank God for such a wondrous thing,
  2. Our kids need to be taught to love each other, and show love and kindness and generosity to others (doesn't always come naturally, funnily enough), and 
  3. that Christmas is a time to love: family, friends, outsiders, the world!
Hope your Christmas was all these things.


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