Christmas Craft (for dummies)

 No home should be without a green macaroni wreath this Christmas
I've already outed myself as not a big fan of craft. I'd love to be more crafty, but so far my efforts have been fairly pathetic. However, in the interests of making my kids well-rounded creative individuals I occasionally rise to the challenge, and Christmas provides some good opportunities for stuff pretty much anyone can do.
I've bought a few pre-packaged sets of craft. We're talking basic here: A Christmas Star pack ($2.99) that comes with 100 cardboard stars in a variety of colours. Apparently we have to provide the glitter, sequins and stickers to adorn them with (what do you expect for $2.99?) What will we do with these decorated stars? Probably just use some as gift tags, some strewn on the table for Christmas lunch, and possibly some strung together as a garland (but I'm getting tired just thinking about that).

I have also bought some Christmas Picture Cards ($2.99) that have 5 assorted designs on 25 different cards. It just gives younger kids abit more direction if they start whinging that they don't know how to draw a reindeer/santa/stable/angel. I'll get them to write some messages and hand them out to their friends and school/preschool/Sunday school teachers.

I told you they were basic!
Speaking of Christmas messages, Jesse and Eleanore got quite keen on writing Christmas messages last year. It's not a bad exercise to encourage. Just a small reminder for them to think of others when the world seems to be screaming: It's ALL about you! I took some photos of the results because the sentiments (and execution) were precious!
In case you didn't catch that, we're the best parents Eleanore has ever had!

 So remember, peace on earth and ho ho ho!


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