Worst Thrifting Buy Ever!

The kids got obsessed with op shopping in the last week of the school hols. So much so that I was the one begging for mercy. I know. Moi!?
Being the final week of three weeks of holidays with four children and me having a cold the whole time may have had something to do with it. I can't really be over the whole op shopping thing, can I?

We visited some biggies over in Sydney's inner west, where I was once a local and a regular. One old fave is a depot - where all the stuff for that charity is delivered and distributed from. Their attached shop has great clothes. It's where I found a Zara cocktail dress, way back before Zara had darkened our shores with their mega-stores! I also bought two of my favourite sparkly skirts, both by French Connection and one of which I wore to my sparkling soiree back in June.
Sigh, now that seems like eons ago.

It's also where I got a truly fabulous vintage set of Enid Blyton's Famous Five and Secret Seven 2 in 1 books that were some of the first chapter books that both my older kids read and adored .

This depot sells bags of toys for $5 each. In the past I've bought them for playgroups and Sunday Schools. It is a great way to get an assortment of kids playthings that would otherwise be pretty expensive to buy separately. The only risk is that though the items are checked, sometimes there are pieces missing or things broken.

Jesse spotted a bag that sent all four kids in to raptures. I was initially keen. I could see the board game Trouble (already have 2, but hey another one is okay), a travel set of Connect 4 (lots of itty bitty pieces, but I'm a relaxed Mum, it'll be good for car trips), some matchbox cars (Arch's current fave) and then I saw what was making them all jump and down while shouting, "Please Mum can we get this bag? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Oh. No.


This would be the toy that we spotted in Kmart last Christmas and I said
N E V E R   E V E R
are we EVER EVER going to get that toy in our house,

And so here it is, on our rug at home...

And here are the kids, pretending to be scared. Note that Arch isn't in the photos, because he (and I) really are scared, and refuse to go anywhere near the thing. And yes, in case you're wondering, he is furry, feels real and scurries along the floor (when radio controlled), just like a real gigantic horrible spider would.

(scary photo special effects to emphasise the horror, not that we needed it)

Definitely my worst op shop/thrifting buy ever. Even if he did come in a mixed bag that only cost $5. Some bargains are best avoided.

Hmph, not sure I ever thought I'd be saying that!

I've gone strangely humourless over the whole thing. Have totally banned the spider from being anywhere near me (amazingly the kids and Jonathan are obeying me, and the spider has not appeared in my bed, in my wardrobe or anywhere I might unsuspectingly come across it...
So far...

And strangely enough I haven't felt any desire to take all the kids back to an op shop since.

Which isn't to say that now that the three older ones have returned to school Arch and I haven't had some nice little forays back to our local op shops. But we've only bought a few books, a Thomas train clock and a shirt or two.

No arachnids in sight!


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