Winter hols

Winter bargain of the week: These lovely glass jars with shiny silver bird adorned lids were marked down at Target last week to a 
c r a z y
$3 each. I showed great restraint by only buying two, don't you think?

Well we're in the midst of our three week winter holiday - at home - always a mixed blessing in my view as the challenges of keeping everyone entertained whilst not getting winter ailments always seem to prove too much for us.
I did point out to Jonathan that some people go skiing in Whistler during this winter break. He pointed out that none of us can ski.. True. Holiday brochures for tropical islands in the sun seemed pretty compelling I thought. But next year I may have to start my "let's have a holiday we can't afford" campaign sometime prior to the actual start of the winter holidays...

With two weeks down we succeeded on the entertainment side. For four days in the first week the kids went to a local church kids club for the mornings. They had great fun finding old friends, making new ones and learning great things about Jesus. I'm always in awe of the great enthusiasm and energy shown by the people who run these programs.

Kids each chose a pansy plant to cheer up the house - holidays at home can be fun, truly.
Last week we went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa in the mountains. My mum had booked the kids into a week of intensive swimming lessons, so I had to have them up at the heated pool at 9am for their hour of instruction. Hard as this was (most morning the car's temp gauge sat at around 3 degrees) the temp was a balmy 25 degrees plus in the heated pool room. And the morning sun poured through the windows making it definitely the best place to be as I sat with my book and soaked up the warmth.
My hopes of rugging up and sipping hot chocolates in cosy winter cafes were thwarted as my cold got progressively worse throughout the week. Arch got it too so we spent many nights coughing and days tired and head achy huddled on the lounge in front of some very bad television. Ugh.
I can't tell you how many boxes of tissues we've been through..
On our last day I got a takeaway hot choc for the car journey home, dashed in to my favourite French inspired homewares shop to buy a tablecloth (had to cheer myself up somehow, this seemed the best way!) and attempted to get the kids to pose in front of the picture wall... with mixed success. 
Hoping we'll be healthy and ready for some relaxing fun in the third and final week.


  1. The summer hols are going, and going, and going here. I'm so glad we have a pool! But our container hasn't come so we have a small supply of garage sale craft activities, and a few toys. The 40 degree temps kind of take park play out of desirability, and I've only been brave enough to go into the city for a big activity once... I'll be so happy when school starts. Love the bird jars!

  2. So glad you have a pool too! It is the best thing to entertain the kids and nicest place to be when the weather is so H O T ! Goodness me, hope it cools down soon for you though.. Hoping too your possessions arrive soon - what fun it will be to arrange your stuff in your new abode! Love the few things you've bought to get by in the meantime. Thanks for loving my bird jars! Shiny silver always makes me happy :-)


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