Bridesmaid wannabe

I was a bridesmaid wannabe. All through childhood I was desperate to be asked by someone (anyone!) to be their flower girl. Alas, it never happened. I remember staring long and hard at the glorious photos of Princess Di's beautiful entourage. Remember Clementine, with her gorgeous yellow silk sash and tiara of flowers in her hair?

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Here's a lovely article the now grown-up Clementine wrote in 2011, in the lead up to William and Kate's Royal Wedding:

When I got married myself I had an aversion to big weddings, or anything too over the top. Seems abit silly now, as I was gaining an adorable niece, Miranda aged 5, who would have made the perfect flower girl.  But for whatever reason, I just asked my best friend Miriam to be my bridesmaid and kept it at that.

Fast forward sixteen (ish) years, and my little Miriam found her very own perfectly fitting bridesmaid dress at the op shop recently, I could see the excitement and longing in her eyes to wear something so special.

When she swept (and I mean swept, not walked) out of the change room everyone in the shop turned and gasped, Oooooooh!

Mim's eyes sparkled. The dress, in the traditional style of glistening white heavy satin with a full skirt had tiny diamantes around the bust.
"Are they real diamonds Mum?" Mim asked, breathlessly.
"Um, probably not."
Spaghetti straps in true Cinderella style with a satin ribbon criss-crossed up the back. Obviously it had been handmade for a real bridesmaid, and I'm guessing, worn once for the big event and then donated... I surreptitiously tweaked the price tag. Oh. At $25, in op shop dollars this was BIG money!

"But where will you wear it Mim?" I asked, in a half-hearted attempt to put her off it. She gave a tinkling laugh (you  know, like a real princess would)  and did a twirl as she faced me excitedly. "At Miranda's wedding!" she said, clapping her hands with glee.

I laughed. Miranda my lovely now twenty-one year-old niece, does have a boyfriend. But there has certainly been no mention of an impending marriage. She has an overseas trip planned and I imagine plenty of other plans for after that, which as far as we know don't include a wedding.

I check the fit. The dress fits Mim just right. For now. In six months she will be taller and the dress will be way too tight around the bodice.


I could text Miranda and politely enquire as to whether this boyfriend is "the one"? That's not a rude question, is it?
If she wants to know why I'm asking - I'll send her a couple of photos by way of explanation.

No pressure of course!

So yes, as you can see, we bought the dress. And no, we didn't spend much time (actually any time) on fixing her hair.
But who was I deny Mim a fairytale moment? (Although now that I think about it, she has had some Today Was a Fairytale moments before.)

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to buy a beautiful size 6 flower girl's dress from me please text.
It's yours for $20.
Unless Miranda texts back with happy news, and soonish.

Here's a link to a website with the most beautiful little girls fairy/princess/flower girl dresses I've seen. The Victoria tutu in mushroom is so lovely. Would definitely spend more time on Mim's hair if she was wearing it!

Just saying..


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