A Winter Flurry

Well there's been more than a chill in the air of late, and I've felt compelled to race around in what I'm calling a 'winter flurry' - a term which adds a touch of glamour/romance to what could otherwise be seen as rudimentary tasks... I've snapped up some half price flanelette sheets for the kids, as I suddenly realised I only had two sets when three are needed this year. I think someone may have declared they didn't like them last year, and that's why I got away with only two sets, but this year everyone has declared that they LOVE them and NEED them. Luckily the sales are on. I was less than impressed to find our existing winter flannels had a number of large multi-coloured texta stains which so far have not soaked out. Leading me to make rule #3586 in our house: 
No textas in bed!!
Ink stains do not come out when they were made in secret and then inexplicably stored in the cupboard for six months prior to being discovered.

There's been more big cleanouts of the kid's wardrobes leading to a mountain of too small stuff being passed on to friends and family. This was mostly necessitated by a couple of friends handing over huge bags of their too small stuff to us - I just love the cycle of sharing that kids and clothes bring about.

Then the winter flurry gave way to a lot of flopping around - which in rainy cold weather seems to be all anyone feels like doing. I've been catching up on my boosted magazine collection, courtesy of the traveller in our family - who claims to abhor my collection, and yet still graciously and generously adds to it every time he goes away! LOVE!

The kids are seriously addicted to hot chocolates - it's dairy right!? They get to choose which mix (we found way too many stashed in the cupboard!) and there has been impassioned debate over which flavour/style is best. It's a great excuse to use an array of fun china too.

Finally, bits of odd wintery ephemera keep catching my eye and begging to be displayed. I picked this piece up a few years ago and just love its Enid Blyton feel.

Just hanging around in new winter gear, thanks to generous friends

This Vanilla Pound Cake candle smells as good as it sounds
Coach bag as wall art - I love the tones of these stripes.
Three really lovely children's books picked up from recent op shop trawls - perfect for winter snuggles and book hungry kids!
Here's Arch breaking rule #3584 not to eat while walking round the house

My new "spy coat" and birthday shoes! No one picked them!



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