Birthday Week

This week I've been indulging in popcorn and salted caramel macarons, patchwork skirts (found on etsy), bright happy flowers (courtesy of lovely sister-in-law) and smiling children attempting to make me breakfast in bed (they managed the orange juice, but not the toast). How is this different to any other week of my life you might be wondering? Well, it was my birthday..

With my husband out of the country for the last three weeks, the fact that I actually made it to the last day of May and was still capable of celebrating, was a feat in itself. Still, miraculously (and not without the invaluable assistance of J's parents, who went above and beyond the call of duty) the kids and I have made it through, still smiling (most of the time) and still standing (figuratively speaking).

And now that the end of my solo-parenting stint is in sight, I've taken a few moments to do a little bit of cleaning and a small amount of organising and a tiny bit of decorating, in between eating macarons and buying new birthday shoes and meeting up with friends (ooh yes, life has indeed been frantic).

This display is located on top of my pigeon hole cupboard (I'm standing on a chair here) and overlooks the kitchen table. I've been inspired by today's date, June 1, and the start of winter. Hence the Winter House book by Charlotte Moss - one of my favourites with swoon worthy shots of her amazing interiors. Actually her whole 'winter house' (in Aspen, darling) is swoon worthy, and I love looking at this book for ideas, whatever the weather. 

In the shabby chic frame is the "June" picture from the 2012 Australian Country Style Diary ($2 at a Salvo Store). I love buying up picture diaries on special in Feb/March and using the great photos as artwork. My "1" for June 1, is a vintage wooden 'willow' rolling pin; next to it is an ancient bottle of medicinal french brandy (man I could have done with some of that these last three weeks) and a delightful ceramic squirrel that had me (almost) squealing with delight when I picked it up recently in an op shop, for $8! He's looking at the tealight I've put in his basket. What a nut.

Speaking of birthdays, in May my grandmother turned ninety-nine years old. We currently have all four generations in my family, with thirty years between each. My grandma (99), my mother (69), then me (now 39, sob), and my son Jesse (nine). It's no small feat to reach the age of ninety-nine. With three children, nine grandchildren and (at last count) nineteen great-grandchildren, my Grandma is loved by many. My brother Luke, his two children, and me and my four had a great time celebrating with her; and though she doesn't like to be made a fuss of, she has been a faithful christian woman who has given our family a great legacy of love and faith.
Now that's worth celebrating.


  1. Happy Birthday! Next time you're parenting solo, sing out and I'll try to do something to help!

  2. Thanks for the offer! I'm hoping there won't be another long trip for a little/long while...or if there is, that I'll be the one on it! :-) sbdx


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