I Spy

My seventeen-month-old is using a spoon to eat by himself! He's so pleased at his new found skill. Any mess (and there's a fair bit) is forgiven in this victory of independence.

Meanwhile, in the world of espionage.. spying is the order of the day in our house. The older three are embroiled in disguises, secret meetings, Morse code, walkie talkies and general skulking around. I'm not entirely sure where their fascination for spying has come from - although I think books have played a fairly major role - but it is generating many hours of imaginative fun, and many attempts (and this is where my interest is really piqued) at perfecting the ultimate SPY OUTFIT.
Now that's MY idea of fun!

The fab trench coat is secondhand Pumpkin Patch with red polka-dot lining, which must remain hidden, on account of being a spy and all that..
The binoculars were a present from my newly returned travelling husband, really an inconsequential item (he thought) picked up in New York's Natural History Museum. However, due to their exceptional and unforeseen SPYING qualities, they've surpassed any of the other gifts (like LEGO and Gap clothes) that a whole lot more thought had gone in to. Gift giving can be like that..

My gifts from travelling husband may not be of much use on the spying front, but I'm loving them all the same. Especially my much longed for and admired piece (I may have mentioned it accidentally sometime, um more than once) by the amazingly talented Lisa Leonard.

As a treasured keepsake, I'm finding it just too wonderful for words!


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