A Cocktail Party

My dear friend Michelle has won a competition this week, that among other things has given her a VIP ticket to a cocktail party where famous people and authors will be in attendance.
Our excitement has been immense! We both realised we had got to our collectively impressive ages without having attended such an event before. Ever.
I know...  humour us here. Our air of worldly sophistication obviously has some ozone sized holes.
So of course our first reaction after the excited screaming had died down was, "Oh my goodness, what to wear?????"
And where else to start looking but pinterest? It wasn't entirely sucessful - there were alot of barbie dolls dressed in 1950s style dresses, not quite the look we were hoping for. American prom dresses were also popular. Not quite our style either. I mean we like enhanced cleavage and fake tan, just not on ourselves..
This was the dress I liked the most:
Proving that we are both practical as well as super stylish, we found the perfect dress right in Michelle's wardrobe. A quick trip to a department store found some great shoes with enough detail to be snazzy but still wearable, you know, in case the next cocktail party is several years away.

I came home and looked inside my own wardrobe. I do have a dress I'd be happy to wear to a similar event. It's an opshop find I made a few years ago, from the Zara Couture range. I've lent it out successfully to quite a few friends. It's sort of flapper style and shimmery, drop waist (nb flattering for the post 4-babies waistline) and has a great neck detail of diamontes. Some are missing (hence its journey to the op shop I'd say) but it's not noticeable.

And as it's cold (cold weather must surely be the enemy of any cocktail party goer - thermal underwear is hardly conducive to swanning around in shimmery dresses) I delved further in to my (Narnia-like) wardrobe and pulled out, you guessed it, a fur coat. FAKE FUR! And lined in gorgeous rosy coloured silk, courtesy of my Mum's sewing prowess. I love it, but have to admit have hardly ever worn it. Where is my cocktail party invitation? Where? Where?

And finally, every girl needs a cocktailish bag. My bag of choice on this chilly night would be an orange (Pantone's colour of 2012 is tangerine tango - I have it folks!) tweed purse my sister-in-law bought me in Scotland. It is too cute for words, and would only slightly clash I think with the rose silk of my coat..

I'd spray on Youth Dew by Estee Lauder (found it this week in a discount Perfume store for $18!) - it's not so glamourous, but I love it and I'm sure it would calm my nerves if I was swanning around the room with a cocktail in one hand while making witty conversation with whichever famous author was dying to talk to me.


Have a wonderful time Michelle!! I'll be cheering for you from home! Have a blast - and enjoy your VIP status. You deserve it!


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