The Sofa Connundrum

We've had the same sofa/lounge/couch our whole married life. We inherited it from my parents-in-law who were downsizing at the time. It was a generous gift to us newly-weds who had been making do with a supremely ugly and uncomfortable sofa we'd paid a friend $50 for ($50 was way too much).
The inherited sofa was not one I would have picked out myself. The shape was sort of squashy and the fabric, oh my word, was a hectic dated floral. However even that drawback became a plus when we had kids. I'd always surmised that you could drop a baked dinner on the pattern and not be able to find the stain - and I was proved right! (don't ask for details, you'll only regret it) Unfortunately it was also supremely comfortable. From my first pregancy onwards, I slept like a baby on it countless times, with babies and on my own.. to the point where it is now in dire need of new foam, fabric and, um, a new home.
I WANT A NEW SOFA!! Sorry, I'd like a new sofa, please. Something stylish as well as practical. Something comfortable and yet attractive. Something that adds to my decor rather than detracts from it. Something I can sit on without having to adjust the quilts and throws that are necessary to hide its deteriorating state..
Yes, I know I have four children under the age of eight, including a one-year-old who is already showing an ominous attraction to textas. But can't I have a nice sofa too??
..the one that got away
And last week I found a sofa I loved on ebay.
It was stylish, well-made, attractive and apparently supremely comfortable. It was also AS NEW and listed for a dirt cheap price.

I emailed my husband. He wasn't convinced. Hadn't I talked about getting the old one recovered? Well yes, but the quote was astronomical.
Hadn't the uphosterer said that the old lounge was well made and worth keeping? Well yes, but only if we paid them the astronomical sum to re-birth it, and that wasn't a viable option.
Wasn't the one listed on ebay abit too snazzy for us to put in a tv room the kids regularly trash?
Oh, well, maybe.
In the end I couldn't make a decision.
I was paralysed with indecision. I watched the end of the auction and tried not to sob as the one bidder won the sofa at the dirt cheap price.
I railed at my own patheticness.
I hadn't been this upset since the time I found an immaculate vintage leather club three seater lounge at a Salvo Warehouse, and lost my nerve to go back in and buy it after one of my kids jumped on some of the furniture and was told off by the staff (yes, pathetic bargain-hunting cowardice in the face of parental humiliation).
So here I am sitting on the threadbare couch and lamenting if I'll ever have a sofa I can (happily) call mine. Oh wait here's another one I like on ebay.
But wait, it's in America and I'm a long way away in Australia. I'm guessing the freight would probably cancel out the 'bargain element' of ebay.
Here's a  picture of another couch I've always admired by the Australian company Molmic (
Well, one thing my ebaying/op shopping has taught me is that patience is usually rewarded. And as my husband helpfully pointed out: What would I have to complain about/fixate on if I had a sofa I was happy with?
Hmmm. What indeed?
Stay tuned.. 


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