A Fashion High

Gap dress over a Confetti top
both Ebay finds
I've always enjoyed fashion, and shopping has been a gift the Lord seems to have bestowed on me at birth. Before kids, I was sort of famous (within a small group of friends and acquaintances I'll admit) for my marathon retail trips. It wasn't about spending great sums of money (lucky, as the lack of funds sort of prohibited that) I just loved discovering new things and brands, putting creative looks together and sharing my finds with others. Maybe I should have been a professional shopper or stylist?! However when I had kids I became those things for my family anyway. The job hasn't paid well, but it has given me much creative satisfaction over the years. 
Dress and cardigan by GAP
and flower headband $5 from Cotton On.
So what some may see as a chore has been a pleasure for me. Why I had to find out early in each pregnancy what I was having, was so I had time to prepare the room and wardrobe! No lemon and white jumpsuits for us! I quickly lost interest in shopping for me and embraced the challenge of finding  classic and stylish baby wear. I trawled op shops, recycled fashion stores and the Internet. Quickly discovering the quirky and quality American and European brands. Generous friends also donated  treasured items, and soon there was a baby wardrobe rivalling the size of it's parents', before we'd even met!
Danish fairy tights from ebay and
french brand Tekilou boots
It doesn't have to be designer, or expensive, but often the high end stuff lasts the longest and is on ebay for a fraction of its cost new. The baby/toddler/child years are over so quickly, I don't see why they should be spent in junky tracksuits and colours that won't show the dirt.
Shopping for girls offers more fantastical possibilities than for boys. But it can be tricky to find things that are age appropriate and tasteful. Oh I also have had an aversion to putting my boys in anything with a truck on it. But I guess that's just me.
Favourite brands for boys:
Fred Bare; Woof by Minihaha; Gumboots; Seed; Gap; Gymboree; and Eeni Meeni Miini Moh.
Fave brands for girls:
Room Seven; Oilily; Minihaha; Gap; Gymboree; Baby Lulu; Gumboots; and Monsoon.
It's not about showing off, it's about having fun and being creative. It's about taking opportunities (before they get too big and start telling YOU what to wear) to use your imagination and enjoy 'fashion' (hopefully) without the baggage.
And what's also been fun about our fashion journey? Handing the stuff on to friends and relatives after we're done with it. I love seeing our clothes (often already 'recycled' when we've worn them) being re-used again and again by others.. It's environmentally friendly and creates a loving circle of creativity. It makes me smile.


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