It's all in the detail

The whole pinterest thing has really honed my thoughts this week (obsessed may be a better word, but I don't want to scare you..). I've realised anew, that it really is 'all in the detail' that life can be fulfilling and rich. Yes, we can be  blown away by an amazing vista, or exhilarated by the 'big picture', but sometimes our lives don't contain many of those BIG moments. So it's a relief to remember that in the small things (I'm trying to think of other words for mundane or boring, 'cause that's not quite what I mean), it is still possible to drink our fill (so to speak) of the beauty of the every day.

You could say I'm living a sheltered life at the moment. My week days are governed by the school run morning and afternoon. It leaves relatively few hours in between to get out and about , or even (in my case at least) to get much done. I have a 14 month old who will sleep for hours if we stay home (and as he is NOT a great night sleeper, this is an opportunity too good to pass up) so I'm staying pretty close to home. Brief trips to the supermarket,  the op shop or a quick coffee with a friend are all I'm fitting in to liven my days.
And yet, I'm seeing the beauty of life in the detail. In my baby's blue eyes as he smears toast and peanut butter all over himself (cue mad laughing..on my part); in the amazing colours of pansy petals; in the coziness of a knitted jumper (love orange and red!!); in the fabric of a homemade bag (I am madly admiring myself for finding it an op shop, sadly not for having actually made it); and the gleaming china handles that provided instant glam to my bedside table - they're all little pieces of perfection.

Now I know not every moment, thing or detail is lovely. Sometimes you have to wade through a fair bit of the dull and dreary to find it (three loads of unfolded washing on my lounge = exhibit A).
But I'm glad for the details. Maybe the Lord sends them so we don't go crazy? In this season of life, uneventful as it is/may seem, there is still much to be enjoyed, given and gained.


  1. I think if we learn to find beauty and joy in the most absolutely basic moments, life is so much more fantastic all around! I love your bedside table handles! Any chance you got them locally?

    My life is also very basic right now. Embrace the season!

  2. Thanks for your comments. It's great to know I'm not the only one working to fully enjoy this stage of life.
    The handles weren't bought locally unfortunately (Anthropologie, USA and Monsoon, UK) but I have seen similar ones here (of the flowers at least) - and as soon as I remember where I'll let you know!


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