I'm pinterested! Are you?

Wow, I'm used to being several years behind major trends. I mean I loved Seinfeld (about five years after everyone else); I discovered Amy Winehouse's fabulous voice (um, after she died) and I just started blogging last year. So enough said.

But last week I thought to ask my husband: "Hey, what's this Pinterest thing?"
"Dunno", he replied. "Probably just another big internet time waster like..."
"Yes, well, anyway", I cut in hoping to head off a conversation that probably wasn't going to go my way.
The next day I quizzed a sympathetic and savvy friend who explained it to me over coffee, and, ahhhh, I had a moment where I knew I had found my new 'favourite thing'.
You see I LOVE pin boards. When I studied ART for the end of high school exams (yes, it was a while ago), my major work was entitled: "Pin board of a Year 12 Art Student". I had a wide timber frame built around a large cork board and I decorated the frame in a variety of mediums that included decoupage (actually before it was trendy, and then not-trendy again) and mosaic. Then I designed a calendar, stuck paintings, drawings, postcards, notes, photos and even an easel and paints to the board. While I wasn't 100% happy with the eclectic (okay, more like hectic) end result, I think the concept had merit.
Sadly the markers didn't agree, and maybe the fact that in transit/storage my cork board severely warped in the heat, so that it was returned a shredded bowed mess, didn't help. That was a long time and I'm over it now. I think.

But my love of pin boards has continued. With themes to suit each space, a felt-covered workmanlike board in the kitchen to display recipes, food pics from magazines, restaurant menus, photos of us eating out and cards from cafes has always been a must.

A softer material covered board in the baby's room has always been a great way to display the hospital bracelet, welcome cards, first photos, gifts and toys. It's such an easy piece to match with any decor, and depending on the choice of fabric, can be almost an artwork in itself. Updating the fabric and subject matter is very easy as the baby grows up too!

Cath Kidston fabric is so cute on a pin board. There's about 50 million of them for sale on ebay right now.
Magazine pics, photos, letters, note cards, calling cards, bookmarks, brochures - any appealing picture is great fodder for the constantly evolving art of the pin board. I'm pretty sure it's the reason I've always hated to throw out movie tickets, business, greeting and post cards - they need to spend some time on the pin board first!

Today I read an article that stated that Pinterest "was launched in early 2010 and has been growing at a dizzying rate in the past six months despite being invitation-only. The website reportedly has more than 13 million users.

Okay, so 13 million people discovered pinterest before me, but I'm still saying I'm ahead of the um, rest of the crowd on this one..

"Pinterest is the latest procrastination tool of the masses," Avery Spofford of fashion website shefinds.com wrote in an online post..."

Righto. Well I won't be showing that article to you-know-who any time soon.

You can read more: http://www.smh.com.au/it-pro/business-it/pin-this-blogger-becomes-a-star-by-keeping-nearly-1-million-people-interested-20120312-1utjm.html#ixzz1osfCgUrV

So check out the visual feast that is PINTEREST (which incidentally, is not about self-promotion, but rather about sharing favourite things). It's about the pictures, not words so much. Hence blogging is still my most favourite thing, with PINTEREST not far behind...


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