Summer Fun

The weather has been a mixed bag for quite a while now. December was more wet and dull weather wise than the sparkling sunshine we were expecting. And while we've had slightly better weather so far in January, everywhere I go people seem to be muttering things like: "It's just not summer".

Nowhere is more up and down in weather terms than the beautiful Blue Mountains. Packing to stay there is always a challenge as one could just as easily experience a big freeze as a hot bake... and we had almost the full gamut over the last five days.

So apart from the rainy, cold and stormy days – which were enjoyable in their own way, we got out and about on the fine ones. And even I (not a huge fan of parks) had an excellent time, soaking up the sun, admiring the ducks and feeling a great sense of satisfaction as the kids ran themselves ragged for many hours.
Last time we came to the lake, we took a whole loaf of bread and could not find ONE hungry duck.
This time around we took a few crusts and ducks came from everywhere to devour the measly morsels.

Flies were a bit of a problem but annoyingly no one has yet worked out how to totally eradicate them from the great outdoors.
Possible reasons for our success (not that I want to over analyse the day or anything):
  • Summer sun and shady spots to sit
  • Snacks and water for the kids (no coffee cart for the adults, but I'm trying to remember it's not all about me)
  • Nature and animals that the kids could commune with
  • Excellent play equipment that fired up their imaginations
  • Great friends to meet up with
And this pirate ship left the swings for dead! Ahoy me hearties! Prepare to fire! Was heard for many a mile thanks to my foghorns!


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