Notes to friends

I found these cards in an old junk shop years ago. There was a shoebox stuffed with old postcards, and they were obviously from the treasured collection of the one owner. It covered years (c. 1911-1915) and there were cards from relatives, friends and what I think were romantic interests. I can't remember how much the shop owner was charging per card, but at the time it was more money than I wanted to spend. So I plucked out afew favourites and left the rest.

Only later, upon reading the messages, did I realise that as a collection, these cards had belonged together. Oh the regret I felt for not having somehow bought ALL of them. Sigh. Anyway, I am determined to enjoy the ones I have. They remind me of a time (not that long ago) when people sent a card to someone they cared about, as naturally as we might now pick up the phone, text or email. While I love the benefits of new technology, in the future there's not going to be much to find buried in old shoeboxes to tell us about friendships or romances from long ago...

I've always had the thought in my mind to use these cards in decorating, but haven't yet come up with the ideal solution. Tucked into the corner of mirrors, tacked on to my notice board, or occasionally inside a photo frame is the most I've done. Mounted on fabric or decorative paper would suit them. But if anyone has any ideas for a better way of displaying these treasures, do let me know. 

..and perhaps a last minute new year's resolution (before January is over and the time for such things is well and truly passed), I want to send more cards this year: to friends and family; to say hello, or thanks, or to encourage..


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