Getting Organised

I know I've said before that I don't "do" new year's resolutions. And I don't. Well, not really. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say that every year I HOPE to be just a tad more organised than I was the year before. I have a dream, of a year where I don't send the kids to school without library bags, or in the wrong uniform, or without their lunch box... and if I could tick off a whole to do list, without losing it first, and if I could manage to send birthday cards out on time rather than 3 weeks after the event...actually I'd even just like to have unpacked all of the January holiday gear before Easter comes around...

So while we've been looking forward to the start of school year with eager anticipation (kids too, not just me) - I've been a tiny bit dreading the whole onslaught of: homework/sport days/library bags/carnivals/camps/reading groups/playdates/... to keep track of. Aghhhh, my brain can't cope!!

So I've taken some steps to head off the insanity:
1) A wall planner - it's simple, it's straightforward, it's big enough to fit everyone's activities on. I even purchased the special non-smudging coloured gel pens to write on it with. I'm just praying I remember to look at it!

2) I'm going to use the filofax for personal stuff. I can't go past my divinely compact POCKET RASPBERRY FINSBURY (bought last year from BORDERS RIP). The Filofax cover page tells me that it is "the most satisfying way of organising your life..when you feel in control you're free to enjoy life to the full." Excellent. I just know that'll work for me. And I'm loving that it will fit so neatly in to my new COACH satchel. If one's husband does have to go overseas straight after Christmas and leave one with ALL of the children for ten long days, the very LEAST they can do is return with something so FABULOUS that all is forgiven and forgotten (and it has sequins!).

3) Every year I so enjoy choosing a calendar or two (at least) to spread some visual joy around the house, while giving us all the chance to remember what day/month/year it is. In the late 90s I worked for a few months in the stationery section of the Myer Department City store, and so was in prime position to grab all of my favourites when they went on sale (+ staff discount). I bought a dozen. It was too many, I can admit that now. However, I did use many of the pictures in crafty ways, for many years afterwards: in frames, as wrapping paper, decoupage etc. So it wasn't a completely wasteful experience.
This year I bought the Flowers of Friendship calendar, which I've used before. The illustrations are whimsical and lovely.
and Jonathan bought me two lovely LANG calendars, back from the USA. So if I add them together with the flowers calendar, and wall planner, plus the LANG school calendar I bought for the kids already, that comes to 5 + my filofax.

So if I don't succeed in being more organised this year then I will have no one to blame except all of the above represented companies for not doing what they say they will do. So there.


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