Perm-A-Pleat, Target and KMart - Latest Information

  • KMart Australia - pledging to be totally transparent - sounds like great news! (Latest update July 10, 2013)

  • Best and Less, Katies, Just Jeans and Rivers still yet to sign any agreements regarding decent pay or safety standards. (updated July 2013)

  • Target  - emailed 22/5 - UPDATE 7/6/2013
Target Australia, together with KMart have signed the international accord.

Well done to these companies. I urge them both to maintain vigilance in ensuring their purchasing processes and clothing suppliers show integrity and responsibility for upholding safety and protection for garment workers. I am relieved to be able to again shop at these stores knowing that they are committed to a legally binding agreement to uphold the safety of  Bangladeshi garment workers.

  • Cotton On - emailed 22/5

  • Perm a Pleat (school uniforms - made in Bangladesh) emailed 28/5 Their response emailed same day:
Hi Sarah,
Thank you for your email received today regarding our offshore manufacturing process in Bangladesh. Perm-A-Pleat Schoolwear have not manufactured any garments in Bangladesh since 2011. As company we insist on a very strict and thorough code of conduct contract with each and every factory that we deal with both in Australia and off-shore and every one of these factories is personally visited and inspected and then selected by the owner and Managing Director of our company before any garments are produced.
Kind Regards,
Michael Paulet


  1. Have you seen this? Kudos to Kmart (not great they were in there, but they were one of the first to sign the accord and are offering to help with compensation).

    1. Thanks for your messages Bek. I've been meaning to update these pages with the latest events concerning the recent factory fires etc. oxfam has some great info on their website. You've spurred me on - hope your letters to retailers help too. Rgds, Sarah.


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