Copper Crush

I didn't think anything could ever shake my total commitment to mercury glass. I place it in the same category as certain John Farnham albums, and my sparkly Christian Dior tights from the early 1990s. Some things surpass the ravages of time and trend. And I'd like to think that my decorating style is anything but fickle. But there I was, suddenly madly pinning pics to my new HOUZZ IdeaBook and Pinterest board: COPPER CRUSH. So it must be a thing...

Alarmingly, my treasured collection of polished nickel, antiqued silver, and blackened shiny mirrors, frames, lamp stands and tea light glasses of every shape and size felt like they were starting to lose a tiny bit of their lustre.

I even found myself studying a footed bowl on my sideboard, and wondering why I'd left something so christmassy out when I found I was liking my battered copper heart cake tin just that little bit more. It is March after all. Autumn has arrived.  Yes, that's right, it's Autumn - season of fiery colours and rich flaming tones (no silver in sight!)  - I've always found the season totally inspiring, and it seems right that COPPER should be everywhere..

I am almost old enough to remember (gulp) the last big moment that copper had in the 1970s, because in my parent's home at the time, was a large copper domed light fitting (on a spring - ooh if only we had it now!) over the dining table, and a large copper range hood over our open fire place (apparently terrible for keeping the heat in the room, but looked mighty fine).

So what is it about the gleaming warmth of this soft metal that is so beguiling? I think it's the gleaming warmth. It has pink tones that resonate with the autumn palette and i just can't stop thinking of how rosy and satisfying it is in so many of it's guises, whether in decor, fashion, homewares, even cars! Really, I'm not a car person - but have spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about whether buying a 2014 Range Rover Evoque in copper would be a foolish (hypothetical) move were the copper crush to dissipate any time within the next 15 years (which is about how long we keep our cars…); or wondering who's been brave enough to buy the copper coloured kitchenaid mixer? A lifetime purchase if ever there was one! So are the proud owners nervous that they fell for a passing fad and should have stuck with pistachio or candy apple red?


ONe of my favourite ebay buy art deco light fittings needed a tiny bit of restoration when we installed it in our tv room. Copper paint was the obvious answer, and I am just casting my eyes over the rest of the house to see what else might benefit from a quick spray of copper paint!

In the meantime, here's a few of my favourite ways to add a touch of copper to your decor. See if you don't start falling for it big time too!



LAMPS: Freedom Australia has some great ones, in a mix of mainly industrial styles.

Light fittings remain one of the places copper can really take centre stage, bringing a rosy gleam to your living areas in a way not many other metallics could.




And for those of us not confident we can afford a full set of Downton Abbey-worthy copper saucepans, there's always the measuring cups for $29 from West Elm:

Freedom Australia also has a great range of copper accessories, for bathroom, kitchen and living areas. The wire baskets are particularly fantastic for holding everything from magazines, to linen to fruit. And then there were these copper topped pump pack jars - kitchen or bathroom? Perfect.

And because I now wear copper-coloured glasses, these gorgeous girl's denim overalls jumped out at me in Target - with copper hardware! $25! Sizes 1-7. Feeling slightly irate that no one in my immediate family now qualifies..

So what do you have in copper? What would you like to have? Do share...


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