Disney’s latest version of Cinderella is currently in pre-release/release and I am bursting with excitement and anticipation fit to bust! For those of us who grew up with this magical tale (I was addicted to a British cassette version - with the most wonderful voices and songs - and a pop-up book where the blue sparkly ball dress kept me mesmerised for hours!) there is a fairy tale streak inside of us that naturally draws us to crystal slippers, gilt mirrors and all things enchanted. 
Not everyone gets it. That's fine. Just don't try and dampen our sparkle over this. 
We love all things to do with Cinderella. The End.

Click here for the trailer
Except that it's not the end. It's only the beginning! 
So many things to talk about, it's hard to know where to start. I've watched the trailer so many times. It's wonderful. If you haven't seen it yet, stop right now and click on the link above. That's a Royal Command.

Initial thoughts (it's a sort of question + answer format, where I've answered my own questions!): 
  • Do we need another version of this story? Yes we do. Enough said.
  • Does the movie look amazing, romantic and thrilling? Yes it does!
  • Is Cate Blanchett ("our Cate" as we refer to her in Oz) really ready to play the Evil Stepmother? Oh yes, she really is that scary! 
  • Was making Helena Bonham Carter the Fairy Godmother an inspired move? I thought she would always be Bellatrix Lestrange to me, but she can turn her wand to anything (evil or good) and frankly I'd rather have her good than evil. She was too darn scary in Potter!
  • What's that great song? My Blood by Ellie Goulding is the song played during the trailer - it sounds perfect.
  • Can we get decorating (and fashion) ideas from the sets of this movie? OH YES WE CAN!!!
So, as I bite my nails in anticipation, here's a few decorating ideas to get my mind off the fact that I haven't seen the movie yet...

How to Rock the Fairy Tale Vibe 

at Your Castle Home (Part 1)


Want to turn your room into a fairy tale scene? One of my favourite Pinterest boards is Today Was a Fairytale. Have a look for some fairytale inspiration..but in the meantime:

Romantic Colours and Fabrics: Rose pinks, royal blues, regal purples and plush magentas with splashes of gold and silver - and preferably a mix of more than one to add layers of richness. Brocades, velvets, quilted and pin tucked, it sounds fussy but it doesn't have to be. Even some of the geometric prints of recent seasons could be worked in to the mix. This diamond embroidered cushion is $25 from Target.


Use a mix of vintage, thrifted and store-bought pillows and bedding to make your bed a dreamy wonderland. An eclectic look seems to suit the fairy tale vibe more than a generic (dare I say, Disney?) style of print where everything is maybe a little too sugar sweet. This mix of cushions (most from Room Seven) will have a long life, basically because if my girls ever get sick of them, I'm putting them on my bed!

Then, if one was to go slightly over the top, there's always this lovely bed..


Gilt Mirrors: "Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest one of all?" Has there ever been a more ominous question asked in a fairy tale? Leaving all things ominous aside, large gilt ornately framed mirrors add instant castle-vibe to any room, it might be just what your room is lacking - the kingdom touch! 

If you want to read a truly hilarious tale about a woman far more obsessed with "Kingdom Mirrors" than I, read the blog of Victoria Elizabeth Barnes. She is hysterical.

The gold mirror I hung in the girls' room is not overly ornate, but I loved its rounded shape and oversized feel in the room. 

Display Your Finery: Do you own a tiara? Don't laugh. Some of my friends do, and I've certainly toyed with the idea of wearing one on the school run. Whether it's past wedding finery, or for a ball your Step Mother allowed you to attend - sparkly crowns, necklaces, rings and bracelets are too fine to be hidden away in the bottom of your undies drawer. Here's some whimsical ways to put your gorgeous gems out on show.

This is an Art Nouveau Goddess Cabinet. Enough said.

I love the idea of displaying and storing jewellery in a vintage suitcase. It can be a real feature of your room or dressing area, and is also able to be placed on top of a cupboard or under the bed if you needed to put it away.


Shoes: Sadly, high heels are in the same league as tiaras when it comes to suitable attire for the school run. But it's hard to think of Cinderella without focussing on the total amazingness (!) of the glass/crystal slipper!

So I looked for some fantastical examples of shoes that might fit the bill, and gorgeous ways to display shoes too. This room just gleams, and the shoes look so pretty in their glass fronted cabinet. If only I had room for this!!! Why? Why??? 

Yes, I think we can all agree that this person owns way too many shoes. But I'm loving the glamorous chair so perfectly placed for putting them on, don't you? Again, there's the space issue..

So enough with the lack of room already. Let's just focus on the sparkle. Because there's some serious sparkle going on here.

Or with these by Givenchy

Or these…May have to revise current foot ware choices for the school run. Suddenly feeling totally disillusioned with my new patent leather black birkenstocks…. Even these sandals are looking like a better option, although not so much for Autumn/Winter...

So stay tuned for Rocking the FairyTale Vibe Part 2 - there is SO MUCH MORE to discuss…

Tell me, are you planning on seeing Cinderella at the movies?

What is your favourite fairy tale?

If you are going to rock the fairy tale vibe, just a little, will you do it through decor or fashion?


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