Life is full of excuses..

Usually I write about mess post-Christmas.
This week I'm feeling led to write about the pre-Christmas mess. But first let's hear the excuses.

Excuse #1: It rained this week.
Not such a common thing in Sydney 2013. And it didn't just rain, it really poured, day and night. And it was cold. Did I mention it was cold?
I defy anyone to keep a house fully clean when you have to have all the lights on in the daytime just to see what's going on.
Mess. That's what was going on. In a dimly lit house on a wet and dreary week, mess took over.

Excuse #2: The rain came just after we'd started the Christmas decorating. Hence, not all the decorations boxes were pulled out from under the house. And the ones that were pulled out could not be put away. Hence (am I overusing that word?) there was a big traffic jam at the back door, of the kind that hinders movement (is there any other kind?) as the boxes could not be cleared.

Excuse #3: As my husband likes to point out, I am the master of the half-clean.
Yep if you need something half-cleaned, I'll be there.
Why tidy a whole room when you can do just half?
Because life's too short and full of distractions and you move on to other things, that's why.
Jonathan also pointed out this week that our kitchen bench looked like something off the hoarders program. And that if he happened to secretly text them photos they'd probably be very interested in coming right over and filming a show.

Hahahahahaha. Not.

Excuse #4: I've been trying to organise Mim's 7th Birthday party for this weekend.  I foolishly chose a craft activity that has involved the accumulation of around 50million different pieces that are currently spread throughout the house. It also cannot possibly be completed outside. Hence, I am praying the rain, which is sorely needed, stops for at least the weekend.
Craft is definitely not conducive to having a clean house. Unless you are Martha Stewart. Who sadly, I am not.

So anyway, I couldn't help but be distracted by the pleasurable task of reindeer spotting.
Excuse #5: Reindeer spotting is time consuming and slightly addictive.

Our little friend Clementine (of the op shop sandals buy recently) just so happened to be wearing a reindeer cardi to preschool when we ran in to her this week.
Her mum assures me the fashion choice was not a conscious decision based on my previous post, which challenged people to integrate the reindeer into their every day life.


Sub-consciously, my posts are definitely making an impact!

I got three out of four slightly sheepish kids to pose in front of this gold arty reindeer at a local shopping centre. Arch didn't pose as he was in disgrace after throwing an apple from the fruit shop display about 20 metres down an aisle way. Luckily no one (bar the apple) was hurt.
(Life lesson yet to be learned: apples are not balls; not to mention all the associated disciplinary issues that I'm far too tired to go in to.)

Great Find Alert: Fabulous fleecy chenille like fabric in Lincraft, in a ready made Christmas Quilt design. It is as soft as fluffy winter snow and so so cute!!

I had visions of using it to sew a family collection of Christmas dressing gowns (ala a Hanna Andersson catalogue). The vision continued until I remembered my sewing skills have not progressed this year, at all. Also my family would predictably be extremely unwilling to wear matching anything, let alone something made by me.
Happily, I bought enough for a throw rug instead. Doesn't even need hemming. Winner!

And the reason we were at preschool for a brief period of time this week, was because Arch had Preschool Orientation. As expected, he enjoyed it very much.
I have him booked in to attend 2 days per week, starting next February.

That gives me exactly 2 months and a bit to toilet train him.

Excuse # 6: Everybody knows that you cannot keep a clean house when a toddler is being toilet trained!

And if that doesn't make the least bit of sense to you..count your blessings.

Happy Reindeer Spotting!

Keep cleaning/decorating/finding excuses not to do either!!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, in a vain attempt to gain popularity/more readers/general love and acclaim, I've attempted a GIVEAWAY on my lovedecorateletters FaceBook page.

So far, NO ONE except one of my my most faithful readers/commenters/friends has responded.

I thought everyone loved something for free!?!
You just had to tell me why you needed some Artificial Snow in your life. Come on, you can do it!! (and like me on FB too!)


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