Hello November 1!

Welcome to November!
Do you feel like the end of year is almost upon us?
We have a few things to distract us before the panic really sets in.

We celebrated Eleanore's 9th Birthday. Hard to believe we've had her in the world that long. (Here she is turning seven, and eight.)

And I'm in the process of planning a 7th birthday party for Mim. We're going with a princess/mermaid/fairy theme. Confusing yes? I've googled Fairy Princess Pool party and I have to say that the results were mixed. Even Pinterest seemed a bit challenged by the idea. This is Mim's first party (Yes ever. What can I say? She's third child.) and somehow the favourite themes from across her ages have become melded together. Will we make it work? Heck I hope so.

As usual, we've peaked with the invitations. Only one way to go from here, but I think it will still be fun. I've had a good idea (thank you Pinterest) for a craft. That together with the swimming should leave just enough time for the pi├▒ata and donuts on a string game. Don't send me any more ideas. Not sure my brain can take it. I'm enjoying Mim's excitement in the lead up anyhow.

And in case you're one of those people who think it is way too early to start thinking about Christmas. I get that. I do.
Still, I am not one of those people.
Okay I did groan when the first decorations appeared in, what was it, late August? Yes that was too much. No one wants to think about tinsel and what to buy Aunt Marge four months out.
But November is here people. Time to get active! (Last year I waited until mid-November to get active. That was way too late.)

So here is the first Christmas decoration for 2013! 
I try to buy just a couple of favourites each year. (Trying to buy is easy. Keeping it to a couple of favourites is the tricky bit.) 
Last year I bought an owl. This year a glittery squirrel complete with nut was too cute to pass by. 
There's definitely a woodland foresty theme going on this time of year. 
(Arch and I have been reading the gruffalo of late, so it all kind of fits.)

Note to Self - a fave shop of mine has decked itself out in festive finery and is a sight to behold. When the lovely ladies said they would not be putting on their Christmas music for a while yet, I totally understood.

It took me back to my days as a Christmas Casual in the Grace Bros City Department Store. Relentless hours of carols playing day after day became like a kind of torture, creating nausea amongst the staff before we'd even hit December. One year I wore extremely high platform shoes to work and after about seven hours of standing, had to collapse behind an over sized Christmas tree as temporary paralysis set in. At that moment, as I lay in the dust, and sparkles and fake pine fronds, I hated Bing Crosby. It took me many years afterwards not to associate that "music" with extreme physical foot pain.
However, I digress.

Here are some shots from Note to Self store, for your inspiration.


I'm also having some great ideas for Christmas gifts. So far I've confined them to Facebook
I thought here on the blog I'd bring on the whole Christmas thing a little more slowly. 
To give you time to get used to the idea. 

Next week though, it will be FULL ON!

You have been warned..


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