A Spring in our Step

Spring arrived early this year, after one of the warmest and driest winters on record. It meant the magnolias and blossom trees bloomed quickly, and then disappeared just as we were starting to enjoy them! There's still some late bloomers around, and we're making the most of them.

Here's a close up of our crab apple, which for its first year looked like little more than a stick. I was quite rude about it in the beginning, but it has slowly started to take shape. This year I'm pleased to report it looks now more like a tree, displayed a highly respectable number of blossoms, and had a pleasing mix of the pink/white/red flowers that confirmed for me that one day (probably when we've all moved on..) it will look truly fabulous.
The warmer weather has meant that we've enjoyed lots of time outside, walking and visiting parks. Actually these photos were taken by my niece when she took Arch to the park. I take my role of chief delegator very seriously.

Do you have a child who never tires of swings?
Who yells "Push Me!" over and over and over again until you're begging for mercy?!
Yep, me too.

We've even dropped in on a spring fair or two. What better way to wile away a sunny Saturday than by strolling through school grounds with kids excitedly discussing whether choc top ice creams are better than ones with sprinkles; admiring craft  stalls and taste testing gourmet jams; marvelling at beautiful vintage cars and sprawling on the grass to watch brass bands, and singing and dancing shows. 
I just love a good spring fair!

Thank goodness we remembered to take hats. Spring is actually feeling like summer already.

Hmm, what to do with a toddler who is insisting on walking (hence empty stroller being pushed by Mim) and refusing to wear a hat?

We even got to meet a few "stars" (the Bananas in Pajamas for those not in the know). Arch is a big fan, though lost his nerve at the last minute. Think he was alarmed at their inability to blink..


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