The Smell of the Sea

We are officially on holidays, down the South Coast, smelling the salt and sea in the air. Bliss.

"If only you hadn't been so stressed about getting here." My loving husband pointed out, as we soaked up the sun and the view and were, I thought, just concentrating on loving life.

Grunt. That was my response. 

Okay, so I find going on holidays stressful. Maybe it has something to do with having to pack for four children plus myself at a time of year when the weather could be freezing cold for two weeks, or boiling hot or bits of both and we're trying to fit everything in the one car.. Anyway, we are here now and it is beautiful. 

And I have only had to go to Target Country store three times in two days because inexplicably (no, I don't know how it happened) Jesse only had two tee shirts and no swimmer top, Ellie had no shorts that fit and Mim had no jacket or singlets on the freezing first night that followed the summery first day!

Deep breathing all round. Smelling that wonderful salt spray air...

..And drinking coffee, lots of coffee.


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