Conventioning at Easter

Had such a blessed Easter weekend - attending Katoomba Easter Convention in the beautiful Blue Mountains, where the weather defied all dire predictions (mostly mine) and stayed perfect for the duration.

The kids stayed well and loved the kids program - while the adults got to hear some amazing talks, enjoy fresh pastries and coffee each morning (swoon), and sweeping away the distractions of bunnies and eggs (yes, I'm talking to me) reflect on all that Easter means. What a great celebration for Christians it is - kinda makes you want to shout from the Montain tops: Hey Everyone! 
God sent his son to save the world!!!

Good Friday was a day to reflect on our fallen world, and the need for a Saviour to save us. It's not always easy and hardly fun to reflect on all that is going wrong in the world, and in our own lives. But it is vital that we do. 

There wouldn't be an Easter Sunday if it wasn't for the great sacrifice that preceded it on Good Friday (Eleanore wants to know why it's called "good" if Jesus died? I'm guessing that though awful things happened that day, they were inherently good for us and the world..) We have to acknowledge our utter helplessness in the face of sin before we can seek forgiveness and accept the great gift of eternal life. Definitely worth celebrating!

Kirk Patston's talks on Old Testament examples of people serving God with faith and obedience, zeal and kindness and through struggles were really challenging. Characters such as Abraham, Ruth and Phinehas showed qualities that enabled them to follow God in life-changing ways. Go to the  KCC website if you're interested in listening to them:

We  took an extra day at the end of the long weekend to soak up a bit of the grandeur of creation. It seemed a fitting way to end.

We also heard the Sons of Korah play and sing their really moving and inspiring words from the Psalms.
Psalm 91 was my favourite - here's a link to a recording on youtube:


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