Cleaning the Kitchen..small steps

Cleaning the kitchen is not my forte.
The only time my benches are clear - as in really shiny, pristinely, Pinteresty clear - is when I have shoved piles of stuff into cupboards; my splash backs (such as they are) never show my reflection; and my appliances are rarely polished to a radiant shine.
We're not living in squalor I'm happy to say - and no one is getting sick due to lack of hygienic practises.
But the piles of mail and school notes, collection of pens that don't work, vitamin bottles and general chaos around the food prep area do get me down. And recently I realised I was avoiding the pantry out of fear of yet another tin falling on to my foot when I opened the door.
So something had to be done.

My pantry is a deep cupboard that towards the back resembles a dark cave.  I have a vague idea of what may be back there, but I don't delve there often. However, one shelf  holding canisters of baking ingredients was driving me crazy. Whatever I needed ALWAYS seemed to be lurking in the back of the cave, and required pulling out pretty much everything to find what I needed.

Meanwhile I was using a deep saucepan drawer for baking trays, cake tins and metal cookware that seemed like a waste of all that space.

Then a dear friend dropped in for lunch and gave me a kick start. She had a great idea, to solve one of my "kitchen issues" and was gracious enough not to say "der" as she shared it.  Switching the canisters with the baking trays hadn't occurred to me.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to give you a new and clearer perspective.

I'd also read a decluttering blog that said to declutter properly you need to start with the hidden stuff. It meant going into the back of the cave...


So here's glorious pictorial evidence. I'm just giving "AFTER" shots, as the "BEFORE" ones were too embarrassing. Let's just say some canisters went straight into the garbage, contents judged too hideous, mysterious and evil.
Who knew nuts could turn so furry?

So now my baking ingredients are happily ensconced in the saucepan drawer. I keep sliding the drawer open to admire the order - I don't think Martha Stewart would be impressed with my texta labelling efforts, but I'll get on to that eventually. Small steps.

And now my flat trays, tins and metal ware are neatly slotted in to a shelf. Look how light and bright it is!!

Wow, this neat thing could really take hold.
Now, just need the energy to deal with the bench clutter...

Kitchen storage on pinterest opens up a brave new world, love these pics.


Strange that both of these pics have ladders..


I have a ladder but the rest of the elements of these superior organisational and marvellous spaces may be a little way off...but, hey, I went to the back of the cave, and came back out again!!


  1. Hi Sarah, Lately I've been clearing out old newspaper cuttings, recipes, garden hints, craft ideas and the like and came across your pregnancy article which I'd read and enjoyed many years ago and thought you'd be a good blog writer and sure enough! What a fun, entertaining, bright and cheerful blog it is. Your children are gorgeous too. Like you, I don't miss HO days except the social aspect. (Hi to Lisa too) Best Wishes, Lorraine

    1. So lovely to hear from you Lorraine - thanks for finding my blog! Have had very happy memories of our times together over the years. Lisa has 2 gorgeous children and we still keep in touch. Had a chat with Tim Smith not so long ago and he was as nice as ever. Only relive the torturous memories of work life rarely now - I found diversion therapy (ala 4 kids!) has helped enormously! Feel free to email if you want to catch up further (won't publish it obviously) Love Sarahx


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