April days

April has majored in good weather and fun times. We've been to the mountains again, where the days were crisp and leaves crunched under our feet. We've met up with family and friends, and enjoyed lazing in the sun. The break from school has done us good.
Other things to make us happy have been:
  • Late morning starts (so not missing that school run)
  • Good books from the local library (it's only taken us three years to visit our local branch. It is small but well-stocked - and I'm only slightly nervous about losing any/all of the 25 items we borrowed..)
  • Morning coffee in my new Kate Spade cup + saucer = anniversary gift from lovely husband (June Lane design: dragonfly and scarab beetle)
  • Autumn leaves + sunshine + blue skies
  • Excitement of kids on a train ride (although the rest of the carriage may not have shared our enthusiasm as Arch yelled "toot toot" for almost an hour)
  • Loving the music of Adele, Sons of Korah and Madeleine Peyroux (feisty, faithful and french - what more could you ask?)
  • Kids who love reading (Jesse read his 6x birthday novels in under three weeks)
  • Found this massive blue and white vintage china platter for $10 at an op shop (will I be brave enough to hang it on the wall??)
  • SBS Feast (food) magazine (found these two for 20c ea at an op shop, great look and recipe ideas)
  • Flannelet sheets
  • Catching up with friends for relaxing chats over hot cups of tea and delicious treats
  • Festive plastic bunting from the party shop (as my 2012 Christmas bunting project has stalled, possibly permanently)
  • Cricket games in the park
  • Plane spotting
  • Garden walks and playing in the leaves

How are you enjoying your April days? Let me know, I'd love to hear..


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