Bits and Pieces

My decorating style is a bit bitsy. There is no overriding grand theme. I just buy bits and pieces that catch my eye, and then add them to the existing collection of ephemera.
Stuff I find at op shops is always a thrill. It is the excitement of the discovery, mixed with the (hopefully) bargain price. Someones trash is literally another person's treasure at these places - it's recycling/up cycling/reusing and re-loving! I just love to see what trawling through my favourite op shops can turn up.
Did I mention that I always try to drop a few bags of 'stuff' back to the op shop each week or two, otherwise you'd be seeing me on one of those hoarders shows on cable! What goes out is usually pretty standard, toys the kids have grown tired of, clothes the kids have grown out of, or books we don't want to keep... The 'stuff' that comes in though could be just about anything! Often it's the little things that give me a decorating boost - lead to other ideas and bursts of new inspiration.
Here's a peek at what's come in lately:

I've always liked these little figurines from Willow Tree. They're simple and sweet. This one is called "WISDOM" and it made a nice addition to Ellie's birthday gifts this week when she turned eight. I wrapped it in tissue with a new set of books and she loved it immediately.

Okay, this was not from an op shop, I got it at Hot Dollar (one of those crazy chains that stocks just about everything, and always at crazy discount prices). I've admired similar "art work" in designer stores, but it's not something I'd want to spend $50 on. This canvas was too good to resist at $9. It will make a nice backdrop to bits and pieces on my sideboard or kitchen bench, and if I get sick of it (or decide it's too kitsch, it can decorate the cubby house!)

Here is part of the lounge suite I STILL don't know what to do with. Upholstery quotes have been eye-wateringly excessive, and new lounges that are the right size/fabric/comfort etc have proved elusive. My indecision is annoying, even I'm sick of it. In the meantime, I've felt strangely comforted by covering one of the (threadbare) armchairs in this gorgeous pink blanket I picked up for $12. It is by the Australian Waverley Mills and would be very expensive new. Okay so yes it is coming in to summer (thank you for pointing out the obvious) so a blanket covered lounge is not a long term fix. One day I will decide what to do re: the sofa conundrum. Just not today.

Finally if all else fails you on the decorating front, you can't afford decent artwork (see my $9 example above for one option), your rooms are lacking in interest and your house feels devoid of character... Frame some scrap booking paper.  It's a simple easy option that can brighten up the dullest of corners. This sheet cost 50 cents. As you know I love to DECORATE WITH LETTERS and I liked the industrial edge to these cutout fonts (axe murderish suggested someone - honestly!) and I just tacked it into this old vintage frame I caught my husband trying to throw out.

Victory indeed!


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