Freshening Up

Here are a few items I've picked up for not much in my trawls lately.
Really, I am trying to save $$ and declutter - so that's not really conducive to racing around op shops (which I occasionally find myself doing - okay, you know already, I do it a lot) hunting for treasures.. when I find something that just needs a bit of freshening up, I'm inspired.

These four silver plated cups with shields on the front haven't been engraved. I immediately thought of Jesse's red room and how great they'd look (with a little polish) with pencils, pens and rulers stuck in them ($4 ea).

This milk jug is by Royal Doulton, and I've loved their Albany pattern for years (a friend's Mum had the entire set and I always admired it - the jug was only $8! Can you believe that??) I love these small sized jugs, they're easy to use for any morning/afternoon tea, but look wonderful with flowers in them as well.

The Salvo's Store I go to has had 50% off books for as long as I can remember. I try not to pay more than $2 a book, and with the discount, it's hard to go over! Love this selection - such an easy way to keep up the reading excitement of the younger members of the family.

Also, met a lovely friend at a garden centre last week. There were big pots of snapdragons in reds, pinks, yellows and whites. I couldn't resist snapping (ha!) up four for $11. Hard to decide whether to keep bunching them in a group or spreading them around the house in assorted pots and things, either way it's a great way to keep the house feeling fresh and happy.

The cute pot (with the little purple flowers, not snapdragons,
is from Ikea - and was a gift. Isn't the lace top gorgeous!
What I really wanted to buy at the Garden Centre was a big potted hydrangea (actually, make that several pots, sigh). There were light blue and pink blooms that made me swoon. However, they were expensive, and I have had limited luck over the years in keeping my favourite flowering plant alive. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for any I spy on sale, and keep watering my mangy plants in the hope they'll revive, and who knows, even flower...

Speaking of hydrangea colours, when we had the bedrooms painted recently, we asked the painter to step outside with his brush and attack the cubby house. Unfortunately for him, it was a very hot day. Fortunately for us, it made us see the beloved cubby with new eyes!

Last December the backyard cubby was a major prop in our nativity play, held for Archie's first birthday. It fitted the part of run-down stable very well. Probably too well.

The makeover is not yet complete, but I'll give you a sneak peek to show you that this year it definitely WON'T look like it came straight out of Bethlehem at all.

Just needs new curtains, some window boxes and a couple of hydrangea bushes to make it look really fabulous and fresh. Can't wait.


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