Rising to the occasion

It must be a personality thing. But a party invitation where dressing up is required, fills me with nervous fear. We're going to a 21st on Saturday. The dress up theme is felons (the birthday girl has crime fighting aspirations). I looked at costume hire places, but the prices were a bit prohibitive. How to dress up four children with a (not too nasty) felonic theme was doing my head in, until it came to me..

P I R A T E S ! ! ! !

I started rifling through wardrobes and suddenly everything we owned had pirating potential! Striped tops, little vests, head scarves, puffy shirts, patched jeans, chain belts - the pile grew higher and higher! While never too keen on putting my boys in skull and crossbones, we still managed to find nautical themes, boats and ahoys adorning an array of clothing. Even my rather paltry and oddball jewellery collection proved inspirational with chains, beads, and clip on loop earrings fit for the task. 

I turned to our bookshelves for further inspiration.

Tim, Ted & the Pirates was one of our favourite stories when Jesse was little. We can't wait to read it to Arch. The main character, Tim, is a school boy with a great imagination and love of pirates and swashbuckling adventures. When the teacher announces there will be a surprise that day, he's hoping for something along those lines.

but unfortunately it's not to be..

and the adventures for Tim begins..
..and at the end of the day, when Tim has been on his thrilling fantastical adventures (and presumably the rest of the class has finished enjoying Little Bear..) it's home time.

It's understated but rather hilarious. We love it.

And for some pirate decorating I turned to PINTEREST (though I think this glowing skull above the bed is just a little over the top. Nightmares anyone??)

Stay tuned for our pirate photos me hearties!


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