Gifts for Dads

One of the pin boards I've enjoyed generating on PINTEREST has been Men's Fashion. I come from a family where the majority of men like to shop, and so men's fashionable clothing and favourite things are something I'm familiar with. Similarly I married a man who enjoys shopping (in small doses, very small doses) and who appreciates good quality and style. Once I'd thrown out his extremely ugly Dunlop Volleys and some well worn trackie pants - we were able to get married.

Ebay and op shopping are great sources of men's fashion. Jonathan and I love the style and colours of GANT shirts, but buying them full price is pretty expensive. I've found some excellent Gant wear on ebay (new and used) at reasonable prices. Op shopping for camper shoes has been one of our success stories too (one such pair pictured above) and this photo of Jonathan in a Gant shirt and Camper shoes was taken on a romantic trip to Melbourne so many years ago I can hardly remember anything about it.

If money was no object, I would pay for another weekend for us away. I wouldn't even feel sheepish that, like last year's blossom tree, it fell in to the category of a gift that may be for him, and may be for me too.

This Father's Day (September in the Southern Hemisphere) the kids are hosting a Father's Day breakfast at school, which is a great idea, and avoids the whole pen/soap-on-a-rope/paper weight schools usually feel obligated to provide.

But I still have to buy a gift for my Dad, one for my father-in-law (and let's face it, some stuff from the kids), so here are a few ideas that might provide inspiration and won't break the bank:

Nearing Home by Billy Graham is going to suit all three of the Dads in my life, either in paper or e-book format. Subtitled, 'Life, Faith and Finishing Well' it is a topic to suit all age groups, by a man who has more wisdom than most. Graham writes, "When granted many years of life, growing old in age is natural, but growing old with grace is a choice". I can't think of a better present to give the men in your life actually (and in case you needed any more encouragement, it's on special at Koorong for $13).

Okay, on an entirely different track, this product has Dad stamped all over it. What Dad doesn't want a trendy rubbish bin? I pinned this as soon as I saw it in a Peters of Kensington newsletter, and it has proved popular among pinners. Made by the German design company Essey, it is described as "symbolic functionalism" and I think we're all agreed, you can never have too much of that (oh, and it's $51 because SF doesn't always come cheap).

and here are some other favourite images of desirable objects from Pinterest:

Clockwise from left: Vintage Domino Set: Oliver Spencer Country Suede Wingtip Brogues; Ladybird Bicycle Mug; vintage leather satchel (see ebay for similar).

Would love to hear what gifts the Dads in your life will get/deserve.


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