Christmas Trees in November

Yay there's only 32(ish) sleeps until Christmas! I've been feeling quite jolly (okay, more like smug, but that doesn't sound so nice) at:
a) getting our tree up on November 1, and 
b) enjoying the family's excitement at discovering the Christmas joy again...tempered with my husband's slight dismay at having pulled six crates of "Christmas gear" out from under the house - only to be told: We don't have the lights! There must be another box!!

I was enjoying our initial decor choices (wow - we're going with white!) and even had been harbouring strange yearnings to maybe avoid our usual cacophony of colour and go for a white AND minimalist look this year. 

Yes, I thought we might go minimal, for about 5 minutes. I was already imagining how I'd spend any savings made on not buying a new stash of (on sale but still) ornaments, and then I saw this:

Drat you Peters of Kensington! Now I'm not going to be happy unless our tree looks like the Ice Queen of Narnia (and here's a pic of Tilda Swinton looking particularly scary as this character, with the useless Edmund....

has thrown her entire wardrobe at the tree. I must have spent at least 35 minutes staring at this picture trying to work out how the look has been created. And I still have no idea.

I have felt a strange yearning for turkish delight though....

I showed my family the pic of the coveted tree. They were keen to give it a go. Until my husband said: If one glass ball costs around $6-$8 then I guess that tree cost about $500 to decorate. So I'm going with the minimalist look.

Spoil sport.

Anyway, he's wrong. Snazzy Christmas balls are never $6-$8 each. They are more like $9.50 - $24 each like these ones I'm fixating on from Pottery Barn.
So that would make the heavily adorned tree cost, um, a whole lot more than any of us ever dreamed of....


So back to fixating on the tree. I think if i trawl the $2 shops I may just find white feathery stuff to create the look. And hopefully for a fraction of the price. Only problem is that it will probably take me until January to find it all. And not necessarily January in 2017 either.

So much for getting the tree up early.

Well here's our tree in all of it's glory. So far.
Let's just call it a work in progress!

Yes it's blurry, but you get the idea...


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