Best Christmas Cushions in 2016

In the lead up to Christmas I often alternate between mad frenzied decorating when I am doing 50 things at once - and chilled out reclining on the couch, nanna napping and getting high on Christmas candles.. what can I say? ... this season brings out my extremes.

Here's a pic of my favourite spot when the exhaustion takes hold and I have to lie down and nibble on pfeffernuuse until I get my mojo back. I'm loving this new red sequinned cushion spied a couple of months ago in a kerbside cleanup. (Yes! I washed it). But so crazy! Didn't those people realise that #christmasiscoming ??

I posted my favourite Christmas cushions last year (click here) and many of you responded with enthusiasm, racing out to spruce up your merry decorating style. Well, guess what?! There are NEW cushions out this year that will make you do exactly the same thing again! Come on, you know you want too! If there's already enough cushions for the couch, throw them on a bed - it's just a fabulous way to add an instant festive feel!

$10 at Kmart - woohoo!
$15 at Target - smokin!
$27 at Myer - alright!
$29 at David Jones - GOLD!
$30.88 @
$59.95 @ Country Road - take me home!

$74 @ Pottery Barn - sold with or without insert 
- which means you can update last year's cushion by just adding a new cover - brilliant!

And feast your eyes on these delightful scenes to really inspire:
35 Ways to Create a Christmas Wonderland in Your Bedroom
Or check out Pinterest for heaps of ideas on how to make your own Christmas cushions - such a lovely crafty thrifty idea.

And one that I'll have to start in January 2017 to give myself any chance of having a beautiful home-made creation ready in time for next Christmas!


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