Being a Mum

As any Mum can tell you, MOTHERHOOD is a learn-on-the-job role where joys and sorrows abound and where the challenges ebb and flow without ever really stopping altogether. Like the waves of the ocean they keep on rolling in.

This year, with my eldest starting high school I feel I've had to step up a notch as Mum. I'll admit, the sea had been placid for a while. I was floating out there, catching the odd wave and (mostly) remembering to reapply sun cream as needed. In other words, I was all over this mothering thing.

However, the placid seas were about to get a little choppy. Nothing too serious. But enough to make me stop floating on my back and start wishing I'd paid more attention in those learn-to-swim classes.

Great moments in Mothering for 2016 (so far..):
  • Last term I attended a snazzy coffee morning for new Year 7 mums. I met many lovely women and was impressed with the style and nice hair of so many there. When I finally got back to the car and flipped down the sun visor mirror, I was horrified to see that my trusty (okay, probably cheap and yes it may have been in the bottom of my handbag since 2002) eyeliner had smudged into impressive dark circles under each eye. Great. Can't believe I'm in my 40s and still clueless about makeup. #pandaeyes #sonotfair
  • This term I've become a "Soccer Mom" for the first time. We've only had three games. I distinguished myself on Saturday by yelling from the sidelines (not too loudly, mercifully) "Good Shick!!" It's a mix of Good Shot and Good Kick. Sounds like something else entirely, but there wasn't much I could do about that once I'd said it... #redface #imnewatthis #whyiseveryonelookingatme #help
  • This week my precious soccer player was injured on the field at practice. The coach rang me to tell me that the ambulance had been called and that the shoulder was possibly dislocated. (Luckily it wasn't, but we didn't know that then). I took the news calmly and asked appropriate questions. He told me that unfortunately they had had to cut my son's soccer shirt off him to make a sling out of it. "Oh no!" I exclaimed. "That shirt was brand new and cost $60!!!" Cue awkward silence by coach. #priorities #sonisfine #itsonlyashirt
Okay, I could share more, but then I'd have nothing to post about next week.

I know so many inspiring Mums it would take forever to tell you their stories. They're not celebrities and they don't all have great hair. Some of them are dealing with challenges that would make you gasp. Others have fail-stories (my favourites) that cause snickering through to weepy hysterical laughing! Whatever the challenges, these women are not just staying afloat (and sometimes that's all we can manage) but they are swimming with finesse. Maybe even doing a twirl here or there. Like those synchronised swimmers with the pegged noses. Yep sometimes motherhood is ALL about pegging your nose and keeping that dogged smile on your face while you twirl. 

Know what I mean?

So Mother's Day is almost here and for those needing last minute gift ideas, here's a few that could take their/your fancy. (And no, pegs are not on the list!) (See my Gift Ideas from 2015)

Incidentally, I won't be asking for much. Well just a few things. Maybe a candle and some peanut brittle. A new scarf never goes astray. And perhaps a non-smudging eyeliner pencil!? 

In the meantime, check out these lovelies:

Yamaha have outdone themselves with their Lifestyle Audio range: 
snazzy blue tooth speakers that also light up like a candle.
I experienced their prowess at a blogger's brunch, swooning at the look and sound!

The Circa Home GRATITUDE range is just lovely.
Honeyflower and Sandlewood - yes I'm just going to say it: I WANT ONE!
The perfect way to say thanks to Mum.
You're welcome.

These mugs are soon to be released by ROBERT GORDON and are so gorgeous
The current range includes dipped gold and gold spotty hug mugs that are lovely too.
Sold in Myer and gift shops or check out their website.

In keeping with my ocean theme - a pool toy seemed kind of fitting.
Okay it may not be the season for it, but trust me, there aren't many mothers who haven't
fantasised about floating peacefully alone in the middle of the ocean (on an iced donut),
especially at tea time, bath time, feeding time, any time..
Buy one here.

Or buy your Mum a book - yes that's right, a real book. Maybe an old favourite in a vintage edition - like this precious copy that belonged to my Grandma who turns 103 this month. 
Or you could buy yourself one to help celebrate the Mum's who are no longer with us. 
Wishing you peace, love and memories that make you laugh!


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