Turning Thirteen


We have a teen in the house. It's a bit of a shock to realise how fast the last thirteen years have flown by. I still wake up sometimes feeling vaguely amazed that that decision I made as I approached thirty years of age, to what? Have a baby!? (a biggie for me, not having liked babies all that much up until that point...but I digress) has led to this.
I decided to have a baby - not a teen!! However, it's pretty hard to have one without it leading to the other, so here we are.

Light Box perfect for celebrations from KMart
He doesn't drink coffee by the way, it's a milkshake. Truly!

And the cake.... I've written before I'm sure regarding my catalogue of failed birthday cakes. This year I broke the cycle! My theme was celebration (easier than batman or a car...) and I cooked two round cakes, chocolate and caramel mud (thank you Greens..). Jesse chose the pink sparkly sour straps and the coloured popcorn and gummie bears. I made toffee to stick the popcorn together and the confectionary provided the perfect decorating tools. Not particularly teenish or boyish perhaps, but oh my the family was impressed! I've come a long way from the 2009 dinosaur swamp cake debacle and this small success gave me a shimmer of hope that the teen years might be challenging, but also filled with some fun and sweet moments too..

And here's some gift ideas for teen boys if, like me, you were trying to avoid electronics...

  • quilt cover
  • wall art
  • cricket bat / soccer ball / sport shop voucher
  • groovy colouring books (i got a harry potter one) + textas
  • classic movie set (Indiana Jones/Lone Ranger/MacGyver/A-Team...)
  • Set up their room/desk/study nook with fun bean bags, lamps, a rug
  • popcorn maker / slushie maker / fun appliance

TEEN (boy) inspiration from Adairs and Kmart make updating your decorating style a breeze:

Happy Camper Room from Adairs



Wall Stickers from Kmart


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