School Holidays: Enough to drive you Hatty!

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Ahh, the school holidays.
Can't live with them. Can't live without them.
As I sit here at my lovely (okay, messy) desk contemplating the last two weeks of me and the kids spending our days together 24/7 the voice of one of my girls floats in the window: "Arch! Jesse has stuffed your blankie down his shorts!! And he's not wearing undies!!!!"
This kind, thoughtful provoking little message is then followed by blood-curdling screams from the five-year-old.
Thanks Big Sister. Mission accomplished.

Oh we do love a break from the school routine. No packed lunches to prepare. No instead some days I get to prepare food for what can feel like 12 hours straight. 8am: After being awakened in bed by, "Mum!! Can we have pancakes please Mum? Please!!!!!" through until, 8pm: What's for dessert??

Then there's not having to drive everyone to school. Instead I drove for a couple of hundred miles to visit a much loved friend and her family and give the kids a taste of country life. It was worth it to be out of city traffic. My city driving exploits over the past fortnight have sadly, not been as happy. They have included, scratching mine and another car in an unsuccessful parking manoeuvre; going through a red-light camera (fine will be horrible); and having to replace the car battery. My next post might quite well be, how to spend money without really trying and then having nothing to show for it... Sigh.

Okay, concentrating on the good times, when the kids have been happy and contented and we've basked in idyllic autumn weather, made and eaten homemade soup, read and relaxed - not having to rush everywhere... Here's some happy holiday snaps:

I do love a five-year-old in a decent hat! Why aren't bowlers compulsory for all five-year-olds? Master Arch often assures me that he will wear dressy hats regularly, but alas, it is usually only the more practical cap that is's too short to force the issue.

Reading in shops. Love it when chairs are provided. Love it when siblings read happily together. Oh and also love it when there are no tantrums when it's time to leave without (always) buying the books too.

Taken at a stopover at our favourite bakery on our country sojourn. Am still lamenting that I did not take a photo of the salted-caramel cupcake covered in edible glitter that we fell in love with and ate so quickly that NO ONE had time to shout STOP! That's insta-worthy!!!

And then I've done a spot of seasonal decorating, partly inspired by some Instagram challenges. 
Hope you're enjoying the changing season too.

Candles spotted in West Elm

Here's a link to one of my Houzz stories on Autumn Decorating that you might enjoy. 


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