Rocking the Rabbit Look

What age do kids stop agreeing to wear adorable outfits adorned with bunnies?
School age.
So if you're kids are 0-5, then get hopping! You have far less time than you think to inflict fabulous cuteness on your minions, sorry, children. Soon all they will want to wear is the same pair of ugly jeans whatever the weather - and it will be more than your life is worth to force them into wearing floppy ears or cotton tails. But for those who can still rock the rabbit look, here are some terribly cute options from from Country Road, Seed and Boden:

Bunnies Knit Outfit
Bunny Sweater

Sequin Bunny Tee

Stripy Dress
Velvet Bunny Slippers

Bunny Ears Beanie
Sadly, none of the above items come in adult sizes, but that's okay. We can settle for drinking hot chocolate from our favourite bunnykins mug, nibbling on a cadbury creme egg and reading inspirational quotes from the Velveteen Rabbit.

and here is a picture of Arch that makes me swoon, together with a final word of wisdom as we approach the long weekend...


  1. They are all lovely!

    1. Agreed Linda! But which one would you actually wear?? sbdx


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