Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Belated Pink!

After a childhood of hating pink on principle, kind of for the same reasons I always insisted on drinking Solo Lemon Squash (the Man's Drink) and eating scorched peanut bars (the Man's Bar) (yes, I had issues..), I have definitely made up for the pink deficit of my younger years in adult life. And celebrating Valentine's Day recently had me rushing around finding my favourite pink things to display. (Click here to see my THINK PINK board on Pinterest.)

I picked up this gorgeous jug at an opshop recently. At $15 it was too lovely to pass up. And crepe myrtles are in flower everywhere and the range of pink flowers is making the most mundane suburban street look princess perfect!

Now I find my wardrobe stuffed with pink things ranging from dusty and soft pastels through to sparkly and vibrant splashes. Made up of crisp cottons, chunky wools and shimmery scarves, I tend to mix them with black staples or white pieces. It allows me to channel anything from Downton Abbey to bohemian chic. Are you starting to warm up to the idea?

They don't call them rose-coloured glasses for nothing...

A rosy glow can make the world seem sweeter, happier, lighter. It can also do the same for those of you with a pale complexion (otherwise unhappily known as pasty).

Similarly in interiors, pink can soften and add warmth where personality is lacking and cosiness is elusive. Adding even a little bit of pink can give your room a lift. Kmart is currently having a pink moment that is making many a heart flutter: think pale pink faux fur rugs and cushions for textured luxury (both items under $20) through to some of the pieces I've posted here (pots, chairs and pillows). 

Try it, you just might like it!




Try a pink scent! Flower Bomb by Victor & Rolf is just one that will leave you swooning.

Check out some of these pics on Houzz for some fabulous pink rooms/accents.

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day. xx

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