Couldn't be happier that SPRING is finally here!
Term 3 has been mired for us by weeks and weeks of colds and flu as the kids passed it around to each other, spent days coughing, listless, feverish and overwrought (or maybe that was just me?), and then returned to school for brief periods before succumbing to the next bug. I meanwhile stayed sick the entire time and only made it to the doctors when I realised I was just not getting better and coughing was making sleep impossible..

Antibiotics have never been so welcome!

So, spring. There are blossoms abounding, the days are crisp and warm(ish) and things are definitely looking up all round.

We made it to the Kings School Fair, where fairy floss was bigger than our heads!

And now the school term is almost over we are packing for some weeks by the sea (where the weather could go either way, but a change of scene will be a tonic in itself!). The kids are beside themselves with excitement and have been writing hotly discussed TO DO lists of favourite activities:
  • Eat Ice cream
  • Build Sandcastles
  • Climb a mountain
  • Visit a lighthouse
  • Catch a crab
  • Sleep a lot (yep, that's my one)
And this is the first year of packing for a beach holiday where the car will not be STUFFED FULL with piles of books. We have officially reached the era of the e-book. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating. I'm still taking a hefty bag of fiction and decorating titles - all to read, some to review, some just for the pictures... Some just because I can't face finding myself somewhere without a Jane Austen close to hand. The kids have carefully downloaded a number of library books and other classics they say will replace their usual hefty load. Then there is the local library we visit while away. And numerous secondhand shops where we usually find a few treasures as well.

Here are some of my blossom and flower pics, to make your heart sing for spring too.

This tree is the last of three that originally stood outside our house. (Pics from previous years.)

Poppies I bought from the fair:

A potted gerbera plant that cost $6 from the fruit shop and just keeps on flowering!

Camellia petals. Just as lovely on the ground as on the tree!

Hope you're enjoying this blooming time of year and can take heart from today's inspirational poster ($7 from Kmart!)


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