From the Mundane to the Magnificent

We're enjoying a few weeks down the South Coast. The weather has been a crazy mix of days that feel like summer followed by days that feel like winter. On one of the summery days we headed to the beach and had a few fun hours in the sun. By noon clouds had started to blow in and we were happy we had got in the best part of the day.
Except it didn't turn out to be the BEST part of the day, as that was still to come.

By late afternoon the troops were getting restless - so much of school holidays becomes a delicate balancing act of yay we're having fun moments through to who are these people and how can I get away from them??!  

So we hopped in the car for a drive. Because as every parent knows, whinging kids are so much more fun to be with in confined spaces... We drove aimlessly until deciding to head to an inlet and beach a bit further down the coast. It has big rock platforms, great for foraging for shells and for spotting crabs. It would delay working out what to have for dinner. It would provide distraction from petty arguments and the "I'm bored's!" 

The sun was starting to set and a storm looked to be on it's way. 

It was only when we pulled in to the carpark at the inlet and hopped out in to the balmy night air that the vast expanse of the whirling and churning skies above us took our breath away. Literally. 

Suddenly the kids were silent. I could have wept.

I only wrote about clouds a little while ago - mostly of the fluffy and cute kind. Maybe I made the clouds sound a bit mundane. These weren't so much of that. Instead, try awe-inspiring, massively amazing and magnificent, and even just a tad scary... 

The colours around us went from deep blue blacks to soft pastel flurries. The way the fading light (actually it was more like a fireball behind us) reflected in the rock pools caused gasps of delight. My phone photos hardly did justice to the magical land sky and sea scapes. 

I kept thinking, we just came here by chance and look what we're seeing!! But of course it wasn't by chance really. 

As the sky colours morphed from dark to light, we stood marvelling at the beauty. At least we did when we weren't yelling at the kids not to push each other, to roll their jeans up and: Not too close to the edge!!!!

I couldn't even get Arch to stand with the others here. Oh well. 

Everyone agreed it was an awesome sight and as the sun disappeared behind the trees we knew we'd been privileged to have seen a great ending to a day that had glimpses of great amongst the every day stuff.

Kind of a miracle in itself. 
Mkes you appreciate the normal more, and the moments that make you happy that both can exist side by side.
Definitely a day to remember! 


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