Rocking the Cliches When Buying Gifts for Mum


Do you have your Mother's Day gift covered? Some people do, because this limited edition sparkly Opera Crystals Cinderella Clutch from Oroton (AU$1500.00) has SOLD OUT!

Or are you yet to turn over the calendar page from April 2015, and hence haven't twigged that MOTHER'S DAY is fast approaching!!??

There are plenty of ways to buck the trends and avoid the cliches when searching for a Mother's Day gift. Perhaps your Mum would like to go abseiling or on a bridge climb? Maybe she's dying to see Spandau Ballet in concert and hasn't got around to buying tickets yet (oh, is that just me?).

None of us like to revert to the old cliches when it comes to gift giving, but often we don't have the time to think too far outside the square. If you are finding yourself time/money/creativity challenged, then use these ideas to delight and spoil your Mum.

In the Kitchen:

This vibrantly patterned china jug by Christopher Vine holds 3.5 litres and comes in a dazzling array of other patterns and colours. This red beauty will give any table setting a lift, making a great statement without clashing. Fill it with flowers or use it for cool drinks. It's $49.95 from Myer.


And if you have fallen hard for the current craze for all things copper, then these mixing bowls by Australian House & Garden are definitely a thing. This large bowl will add a glamourous gleam to any kitchen. Only $24.95 ea from Myer.


They say that snail mail is almost dead, and with the increase in postage stamps pricing it possibly soon will be, but in the meantime, giving Mum gorgeous good quality stationery will always be appreciated.
Who knows, maybe you'll get a lovely thank you card coming right back at you!

Kikki.K has some super sweet ranges of memory books, journals and notebooks. Don't just buy a memory book - try writing in some favourite memories and sticking in some photos of happy times. It may take you hours to do the night before - but it will be worth the effort! And do remember, if you buy Mum a Thankful Journal, don't be offended if she chooses to write in it about things other than you… just saying.



Saying it with flowers is always a good idea. I'm actually a big fan of buying a few less expensive bunches (from say a local fruit shop or even, ahem, the supermarket) and combining them for a sort of large tousled arrangement that has a carefree cottagey edge to it. It will hopefully also be attractive. Add stuff from your own garden if that's an option. Raid weedy patches beside the road, within reason, and only if it's safe. Mum shouldn't have to spend her special day visiting you in the hospital!

And if you wanted to make up for enhance the wild DIY flower arranging, then buying a WOW factor vase will have your siblings gnashing their teeth! (not that that's the goal, obviously). This hammered copper heart is by the amazing Helen Bayley at LOVESTAR. Her family business was launched in 2012, and this super mum and her team hand makes each beautiful vase. The hearts can either stand upright in a clear perspex frame, or be hung on a wall. They are stunning.

Plant pots are also a good idea - particularly if they are filled with something like a succulent that is very hard to kill. Kmart has some really stand out examples of pots with gold details that are frankly, fantastic. For $10 a pot, you could even afford to add some potting mix which I'm told may prolong the life of the plant even further!



I'm a big fan of the hamper. I come from a family that is mad on hampers. Over the years some have proved better than others. My brother wasn't overly impressed the year (it may have been his 21st, I can't recall) my parents gave him "a hamper" that was actually a plastic washing basket filled with no-name tinned food. Let's just say it lacked a little on the glamour side of things..

Mother's Day Hampers should be filled with items that your Mother would actually like to receive, and which she may not be inclined to buy for herself. Sometimes a themed hamper is the obvious gift. For example, if she has a beloved pet, choose pet-inspired presents that will appeal to her (and the pet). You could include doggy gourmet treats and chocolate for her; a mug with a pic of her favourite pooch/moggie; matching bows for her hair and the pet's; a pet magazine and maybe a nice brush or spray (for her or the pet, depending on who needs it most).

Follow this list for general hamper items for Mum - that can even be picked up from your nearest supermarket if you are doing it last minute!
Place items in a crisp paper gift bag with a sparkly bow on top. Or do something crafty like paint dip a second-hand basket. Give it a go - come on!!


Cinderella Hamper:

Magazine options could include a mini subscription, offered by some publications, which means you don't have to pay a massive amount, and it gives your Mum a taste of a mag without the commitment of a full year. 

HOORAY! is a bi-monthly Australian mag offering sustenance, styling, atmosphere and celebrations! Perfect for any Mum who likes a party, a high tea or having everyone over for a swish soiree. 


I hope these ideas inspire you to think a little creatively within the common cliche'd gift item categories that are wheeled out every Mother's Day!
Let me know what you end up with..


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