December So Far....How to get Christmas spirit, and quickly!

The month of December felt like it would never get here.

We put up the tree in early November, as part of a carefully orchestrated plan to squeeze the most Christmas cheer out of the (extended) holiday season that we could... and we even managed to, all on the one magical Saturday, attend a friend's wedding, see a wonderful performance of the famous Dickens play, A Christmas Carol, and get the kids' photo taken with Santa. (Previous Santa photo post)

It felt like all of our Christmases had come at once, and it wasn't even December yet!!

So if you find yourself stumbling, abit dazed and confused every time you spot a Christmas decoration and the sound of faint carols seems to be getting louder by the day.... that's because it probably IS getting louder by the day!! You can't fight it. You have to get with the program!!!


And now the first week of December has passed, I have gone from feeling smug ready to panicky like everybody else! 

Here are some quick ways to get instant Christmas cheer (in no particular order - panic does that to you..):

Christmas drinks - Okay, this is my version of getting Christmas Spirit, without the "spirits". It won't cut it for some, but for me, it's calming, it's festive and it can be drunk out of a sparkly glass. What more could you ask for?

Am loving Bundaberg's Spiced Ginger Beer (4x pack in Woolworths - go silly!). I'm drinking mine out of my Target glitter goblets (75c after Christmas sales last year) with fresh pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top. Splendid!

Squeeze baubles (cheap ones are fine as everything looks better under glass) into as many glass jars, bowls and cloches as you can find. Place one on each table/spare surface and you have instant decorative wow factor! Much quicker than hanging the blighters on the tree!

Start buying/baking/eating mince pies. They suit any meal or snack time and are great to have on hand if in-laws decide to suddenly drop in, unannounced. Piles of dirty washing will be ignored if you pull this domestic goddess pleaser. My grandma used to make them ith suet - her special ingredient. This one above was in a pack of 6 for $1 from Woolies. There was definitely no suet used here. Remember, drenched in brandy custard ANY mince pie is edible.

The very edible Heston Blumenthal's Christmas fare is in Coles again this year. I already tried this - and it was fab!

The lovely fete /holiday issue has a great sounding recipe for mince pies if you're looking for one. 

Get out your sparkly stuff in readiness for party season. Okay, maybe the preschool concert is all you have to look forward to on your calendar so far (or is that just me?). But every festive occasion deserves a little bling! Just try not to let the three year old near you whilst finger painting demos are on.

Found this glomesh purse for $4 in an Op Shop!!

Branch out and do some fun stuff! 
Letting your hair down is highly recommended this time of year. 

How are you getting festive?
I'd love to know..


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