Cruising through..

Some years I cruise through Christmas in a happy flurry of festive food and cheer, cooking and shopping and decorating and wrapping. 
Other years the essential elements remain the same, but I handle them differently (like last year..). Small setbacks that would usually be laughed off instead cause sleepless nights and tense moments. 
Luckily this year was not one of those years!

Sign from Bed Bath N Table, gifts from Apple Core Living

Which isn't to say it was entirely stress-free.. But it was manageable, and much fun was had by all. 

This was Christmas night. Oh the serenity!

Prior to that, was the traditional period of cooking chaos. 

I found myself doing ridiculous things, like roasting and shelling hazelnuts. At 10pm at night.

But after coating them in a whiskey sugared glaze I knew the efforts were worth it.

The gingerbread cookie and decorating assembly line swung into action, with the prettiest results being eaten on the spot. Oh well.

I did rocky road in miniature (foil cases from Daiso, for $2.80).

And I made a chocolate meringue to die for! 
A minor Christmas miracle in the big scheme of things, but still one worth celebrating!

I rewarded myself by making a big batch of hot cherry sauce over honey and cinnamon yoghurt - a meal fit for any time of day in the Christmas season!

Here's a few of my favourite pics from the round of celebrations: 

I set up a hot chocolate station on a side table, that became everyone's favourite place to stop.

Here's how:
  • Group some of your favourite mugs (go with a colour theme like my pink/red/white or Christmassy styles if you have them) on a silver or decorative tray. 
  • Add some teaspoons (I used art deco ones I just happened to have). 
  • Place mini marshmallows in a serving dish, sugar swizzle sticks or any other food items that go with hot chocolate. (Hopefully you don't have ants… just saying).
  • Add a couple of tins of your favourite hot chocolate powders and mixes. 
  • If you have a Christmas pic you love (mine's from an old Zo Zo the Magic Queen calendar) why not frame it and place behind your arrangement to add to the look. 

Jesse as Santa at my parent's place.

Holly from the garden adorning tables.

Arch with his toy soldier cushion - love this.

Tea lights everywhere..

Cheap plates from Target that I fell for big time.

Handmade cards from my girls.

And a very Merry Christmas to you all!

Celebrating the birth of a Saviour never gets old. 
May you know His peace this Christmas time.

I'd love it if you liked my story!!


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