Christmas Insomnia and decorating hazards

I've had a bad case of Christmas insomnia.
Self-diagnosed, obviously.
My husband is sceptical. Of course.
But regardless, it is a reality.

At some stage in the night, usually between 1.30 and 2.30am, something will wake me up. Sometimes it is the sound of someone else in the house getting up to use the bathroom. Why they can't just wait till morning is beyond me.

Sometimes it is the sound of a bird night-chirping. Again, I ask you, what stupid bird does this? Why can't they wait 'til morning?
Speaking of birds, check out these gorgeous fabric clip-on bird ornaments I snaffled at Bed Bath n Table (30% all Christmas)

Sometimes I wake because my winter snowflake pjs are too hot. Yes it is mid summer here, but they are so Christmassy and I'm not changing them. 

Anyway, whatever wakes me up is beside the point. The point is that once I'm awake, I can't go back to sleep. For hours. The Christmas OVERTHINKING takes over.

So my lack of sleep together with some over-full days of holiday fun and general overwroughtness of the under-tens in the household, has lead to a fair bit of breathing into a paper bag on my part.

And what a wonderful Christmas bag I found to breathe in to.
Thank you Kikki.K.

Not thanks so much to Kikki.K for outing my purchases on Facebook. Here's hoping the relatives don't get too curious. They do have some lovely things. Look here. 

So what with all the deep breathing and all, my hopes and plans for mass-December posting have not really eventuated. Um sorry about that.

Forgive me?

You're all busy too, right?

So, onto the important topic of gift-giving. Like me, you're probably wondering why you've left so many bits and pieces to (almost) the last minute?

Maybe like me, you're wondering how you can get these gorgeous outdoor setting plates from Pottery Barn (unbreakable melamine that looks like ceramic!) as a Christmas gift when you've already agreed with your husband/wife/partner/family to give each other plants.. ?!

Look at all the colours! See how they gleam? 
So if I sound a little over the whole "it's the most wonderful time of the year.." mantra, perhaps I am. Just a little.

The fact is, just like every other time of the year, sometimes things go smoothly and happily, and everything feels right with the world. Other times not.

Did I mention I stuck a cute silver mini reindeer head to a wall?
I knew that the bluetack probably wasn't strong enough to hold it there. 
It wasn't. 
The reindeer fell off and the antlers shattered. There is nothing wonderful about a reindeer with smashed antlers.

Just saying.

So on to decorating. Have you noticed that some people are happy to scatter just a few little Christmassy things around? They don't over do it. They have a few carefully chosen pieces to portray their Christmas spirit. 

Like here where I've tastefully arranged three op shop glasses (50c each!) with gingerbread and cranberry votive candles and a sprig of holly on a silver tray.
So simple.
So sweet.

Or here, I've displayed the Fisher Price Nativity Scene on Arch's bookshelf. I've banned all the Noah's Ark animals from joining in and kept it simple. Like it probably was on the night, in Bethlehem, so long ago.

It's such a great gift for a toddler or little friend - we all love this set. (And they're in the shops again this year - check out Myer or KMart.)

Some people's decorating goes way over the top. Everything is so bright and glarey you need sunglasses to look. Even at night.

Oh look, here's my bookshelves. Someone has covered them in lights.
So over the top.

Or some people just go straight for the chaos of Christmas Clutter.
Hmm, no need to search Pinterest for this one.
Where are my sunglasses?

Some people only have to go near the Christmas trim shop before they are wildly grabbing every junky thing they can get their hands on.

Who are these naughty children? And where is their mother?

* * *

Here's something much more soothing - the Christmas scene in my friend Jos' beautiful back room. So tranquil, white and peaceful.
Maybe I'll just go and spend the next few days over at her house.

So whether you're decorating big or small - I hope you're enjoying the countdown to Christmas with all of the ups and downs, insomnia and sleep, reindeers with intact antlers and the general chaos that makes up this time of year.

Just remember: It's the most wonderful time of the year...


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