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I love fashion. Some may see it as a character failing, but to me it makes the world a bit more interesting and fun. So when I came across this book THREADS in an op shop recently, I snapped it up (it was only 50cents, so my risk/loss factor was low). The story follows three fourteen-year-old girls, Nonie, Edie and Jenny - best friends in London. Nonie's passion is fashion; humanitarian Edie wants to save the world; and Jenny has a small part in a Hollywood movie. The girls meet a young African refugee girl called Crow, who wears a pair of pink fairy wings and sketches dress designs. Each girl must evaluate their own priorities and goals as they face some tough issues, pool their talents and do something truly wonderful.
I'd heartily recommend Threads by Sophia Bennett to most tweenie/teen girls. They will enjoy Bennett's good humoured and grounded view of the fashionably frivolous, as she mixes it with the need for a social conscience and recognition of some of the harsher realities of life. There are now two more books following the same characters and I'm looking forward to reading more of their stories.
Op shops, consignment and outlet stores are my favourite destinations when it comes for finding fashion inspiration. You may not find cutting edge, new season goods, but it doesn't hurt to look! It is far more interesting to mix and match from a range of places and vintages, than to channel an entire outfit from the same place - whether it be Chanel or Big W (okay if it's all from Chanel you  probably don't need to be reading this..) However if bargains/recycling/re-using give you a buzz - we understand each other.
Recently I picked up a lovely soft as a cloud Oroton Scarf with silver threads through it. The tag said $240, but in the outlet store it was $20. (Check YouTube for a million ways on how to tie a scarf if you need help.)
The cardigan has metal sequins and fulfils my 'life is too short not to wear bling on the school run' mantra. It's light grey and will go with pretty much everything (except pjs). It was $9.
The bangles were from Sussan (keep going back there for pjs, jewellery and their excellent gift ware). On special after multiple reductions, I paid $3.68.

I love t-bar heels, they make your legs look longer, which isn't a bad thing when you're 5"1. The heels are high, but I walked around the opshop in them for 20mins without overbalancing once. By ASOS they appear to be brand new - I guess someone got their size wrong when online shopping. I paid $15.

This is a detail of a Jigsaw lace top I picked up for $6. It is peachy in colour which is very flattering to most complexions. As summer is pretty much over, I'll wear it in winter over thermal underwear.

And speaking of thermals under clothes, here I am in a (admittedly rubbish attempt at a selfy) photo of a french petally top thing, that admittedly is a bit big, and a little summery for an autumn morning. But I've stuck a thermal top underneath and I think it works (doesn't it?)! (and yes, I do need to clean my room..)

the detail of POM POMS on the straps is so cute. This makes me want to sew pom poms on to other wardrobe items too. Watch out family!

Where are your favourite places to shop? How much fashion shopping do you do online? What do you wear that could be improved with the addition of some pom poms? Have you ever worn pjs on the school run?


  1. gorgeous top Sarah!!! Being so cold here we layer the thermals under everything, and yes, the effect has some charm - more under your gorgeous top than my sack dresses but that's another story! Yes, I have worn pj's to do the school run, admittedly with an overcoat over the top, and I often have nightmares about getting a flat tyre or breaking down (which has happened to me before when I was 19 driving my brothers to school - ran out of petrol in my blue striped flannies - was hoping to go back to ben after the school run of said brothers and alas they were no help, cross that I couldn;'t get them all the way to school in the bar with no petrol, they left me on the roadside and walked...and I had to trudge in said pyjamas to the nearest place with a phone - local hospital! where I fitted right in, in my bedroom attire!) so, you would have thought I might have learnt my lesson but no!! ;o)absolutely love the pom long as you stick to the girls clothes! great for skirts, scarves, towels, pillowcases, tea towels....etc etc! love lara x


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