Babbits, Balloons and Birthdays

A friend texted me to tell me that Bed Bath and Table now has 50% off its Easter decorations. I keep getting drawn back there like I'm caught in a tractor beam. I really have to stop - yeesh! I mean how many cute china rabbits and rabbity things can you have!!?? (I'm fearing the answer is, for me, quite a few more, if post-Easter I get caught in the tractor beam at 75% off.)

Also found this 'broken egg' vase which is a lovely size for holding mini chocolate eggs as a table centrepiece. Of course the problem with putting this out a week before Easter is that the contents mysteriously keep disappearing, rapidly...

And speaking of bunnies and china, I'm also enjoying decorating with favourite Bunnykins pieces by Royal Doulton. We even have some that belonged to Jonathan as a baby. I still love giving it as baby gifts myself, and have picked up some lovely pieces in op shops too.

Over the weekend, we celebrated Jonathan's birthday with a family dinner and other assorted activities. I couldn't find my camera for most of it, so there are limited shots with people. Actually there are no shots with people. Sigh, maybe next year.
I spent ALL SATURDAY in a mad flurry of getting things ready: racing around buying gifts (I meant to be organised, but just wasn't), picking up food items and filling the cars with helium balloons from the party shop (I've learnt to call and book them early, as had a horror trip once when half the balloons popped on the way home - kids and me crying - apparently the balloons need time to 'just be' after being blown up. I think I know how they feel..); then cooked a rather massive birthday cake and did chocolate mousses for everyone in vintage glasses - it was great fun and worth the effort and exhaustion.

The chocolate mousse recipe is from one of our favourite dessert books Indulgence Coffee, which I happened to notice ALDI are selling from tomorrow for a measly $7.99 (or you can get it on line from Booktopia for only $9.50)! The pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are mouth watering. Makes a great gift for someone so go buy two!


  1. Happy Birthday Jonathan!!! and I'd have to say Sarah, doesn't the Bunny have a vintage, universal, all year round appeal that clearly makes your fixation understandable! Where did you get the little chalboard? its very cute! Lara x

    1. Thanks for your birthday wishes Lara! We gave the bunnies away to all the cousins over the easter w/e - so am just trying hard to stay away from the shop so am not tempted to buy more.. but do love them, so maybe just a few more wouldn't hurt..?
      The chalk board came from another fave store TYPO (stationery shops owned by Cotton On) and was I think $5. Such a handy and cute thing to have, with the added bonus of the childhood memories.. Love it. sbdxx


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